Ross Kemp on Gangs – St Louis

Feb 17, 2024 | Drugs, Lifestyle, Videos

In his acclaimed documentary, Ross examines the complex gang culture of Middle America, with a special focus on St. Louis, Missouri. This vibrant Midwestern city of 342,000 people is home to an estimated 380,000 guns – with many of these in the hands of local gangs that have apparent affiliations to gangs in Los Angeles.

The documentary takes an intimate look at how the presence of gangs and gun violence has affected everyday life for those living in St. Louis. Through interviews with former gang members and law enforcement officials alike, it offers an eye-opening exploration into the reality of gang life in America’s Heartland. It also shines a light on how poverty and desperation are often fuel for gang recruitment and just how deep the power of these organizations can run.

This powerful documentary is essential viewing for anyone seeking to gain insight into gang culture in America today. The film draws heavily on true stories from those who have lived through the experience and provides an honest look at the everyday struggles they face – all while conveying a message of hope that change is possible.

For a truly captivating glimpse into Middle American life, you owe it to yourself to check out this documentary. From its insightful portrayals of real-life events to its touching stories about courage and redemption, Ross’s examination of St Louis’ gang culture will leave you moved and informed long after it ends.

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David B