Ross Kemp on Gangs: Moscow

Feb 17, 2024 | Drugs, Lifestyle, Videos

In the new and compelling documentary ‘Russia’s Secret Nazis’, renowned journalist Ross Kemp delves deep into the disturbing world of Neo-Nazis in Russia. An eye-opening exposé, Kemp reveals how far these National Socialist groups have infiltrated the country, from blatant racism being tolerated by authorities to an open endorsement of Nazi ideologies by a Member of Parliament.

Kemp doesn’t just observe from afar though; he goes undercover as one of them – partaking in intense training sessions and even enduring a shocking test involving being set on fire. Through his courage in joining this organisation, he is welcomed into its headquarters and meets some truly disturbing people at its core.

This is a must-see documentary for anyone interested in learning more about the Neo-Nazi movement in Russia. It provides a unique look at a frightening phenomenon that many people are unaware of, through intimate interviews with those involved and exclusive footage captured by Ross himself whilst embedded within the group. With gripping scenes full of emotion and suspense, this film will leave viewers shocked and appalled but also enlightened to what is happening across the country today. Don’t miss out on this chance to see one of Britain’s most talented journalists uncovering this dark truth – watch ‘Russia’s Secret Nazis’ now!

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David B