Zuru Zuru: The Sound of Street Food

Aug 3, 2023 | Culture, Food/Drink, People, Videos

Eating ramen in Japan is a unique and thrilling experience. Not only do the noodles have an exquisite flavor that can’t be found anywhere else, but the act of eating them has its own cultural significance. Slurping the noodles loudly is seen as a sign of appreciation and respect for the chef—something considered rude in the West.

This custom is explored in detail in the documentary “Ramen Heads,” which follows renowned ramen chef Osamu Tomita on his journey to create perfect ramen. Through his story, viewers learn about the history and culture behind Japanese ramen, from its origins to modern-day trends. Along with Tomita, other chefs are interviewed to offer insight into their craft, elevating this simple dish to an art form.

The documentary also takes a cinematic look at Japan’s food culture, highlighting vibrant flavours and textures created by skilled chefs using fresh ingredients. From traditional naruto fish cakes to homemade tare sauces, each bowl of ramen offers unique taste combinations that can’t be replicated.

Watching “Ramen Heads” will transport you to a world of culinary creativity and send your senses soaring with joy! With stunning visuals combined with heartwarming stories from some of Japan’s finest chefs, it’s an unforgettable journey through one of Japan’s most beloved dishes. From understanding its history to witnessing its preparation firsthand, this documentary captures the wonder that goes into creating an authentic bowl of ramen—which makes it worth watching again and again!

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David B