“What would you like to call me?” con man asks Erin Moriarty

Aug 17, 2023 | Culture, Videos

Erin Moriarty, an investigative journalist for CBS’s “48 Hours,” recently interviewed a con man who posed the intriguing question: “What would you like to call me?”.

This unique and thought-provoking line was part of a larger documentary on cons, frauds and financial fraud that aired on CBS back in August 2020. The documentary followed Erin as she attended various prison interviews with some of the most notorious con artists in history, including the unidentified one who asked her this thought-provoking question.

Throughout the course of her investigation, Erin took a deep dive into the world of cons and frauds, uncovering details about why these criminals do what they do, their methods, and how they target unsuspecting victims. In addition to exploring each individual’s story in detail, Erin also sought to connect them together in order to determine if there is a pattern or underlying motivation behind their behavior.

The documentary proved to be an engaging exploration into the minds of some of America’s most sophisticated con men and women. It provided an intimate look at how these criminals think and operate while simultaneously drawing attention to important issues such as corporate fraud and financial manipulation. It also highlighted the challenge faced by law enforcement agencies when attempting to tackle such complex cases – often with little success.

If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating subject matter then we highly encourage you to watch this captivating documentary from CBS’s “48 Hours”. By watching it you will gain valuable insight into the criminal world while discovering more about how these con men prey upon innocent victims.

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