Venezuela: Desperate for News

Jul 13, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Social, Videos

Venezuela is a nation in the grip of a deep and ongoing economic crisis, with food shortages, hyperinflation, and increasing restrictions on press freedom. The latter has been particularly hard-hitting for independent media outlets – yet some brave young journalists are finding ways to get the stories out. How? By taking to city buses to report their news live!

The reports from these intrepid reporters provide first-hand accounts of what’s happening in Venezuela right now that would otherwise remain unknown. Their courage in the face of oppressive forces serves as an example of the power of press freedom. Thanks to their efforts, those living abroad can gain insight into the situation without travelling there themselves.

A new documentary series called ‘On The Road with Caracas Chronicles’ brings this courageous work to life by following several young Venezuelan journalists as they navigate their way around Caracas while delivering news live from city buses. Viewers will have exclusive access to situations that are often too dangerous for traditional media outlets to cover, and be able to witness the creative solutions these determined reporters use as they are faced with danger and risks in pursuit of telling a story.

This unique documentary is an essential watch for anyone looking for greater understanding of what’s happening in Venezuela right now. With powerful storytelling through a mixture of interviews and fieldwork, it captures an inspiring tale about speaking truth to power despite extreme adversity – proving that no matter how bleak things may seem, hope still exists if we have the courage and determination to seek it out. So don’t miss your chance to discover a side of Venezuela that you won’t find anywhere else – watch ‘On The Road with Caracas Chronicles’ today!

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David B