Cyprus: Forbidden Love Island

Dec 10, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, History, Lifestyle, Religion, Videos

Many couples in the Middle East face a unique challenge when it comes to marriage. In this predominantly Muslim region, civil marriage laws do not exist, which means that mixed-faith couples cannot easily marry. But just 30 minutes’ flight from Lebanon and Israel lies an oasis of hope: Cyprus. This small island offers foreigners the opportunity to tie the knot with ease, making it a popular destination for those who wish to wed despite cultural differences.

But how does this process work? Couples must first obtain a certificate of eligibility from their own consulates, before obtaining an official marriage license from the Civil Registry Office in Cyprus. The entire process can be completed in as little as four weeks and is open to people of any nationality or religion; couples simply have to present proof that they are legally free to marry in their respective home countries.

The relative ease of marrying in Cyprus has led to its increasing popularity among mixed-faith couples — both religious and secular — from different parts of the Middle East. For many, this process presents an opportunity to celebrate their love without facing cultural obstacles or judgmental attitudes towards interfaith relationships.

This fascinating phenomenon has been explored in depth by documentarians Maria Allisyona and Adel Sedraoui in a short film entitled “Mixed Marriages on Cyprus”. By following several couples over the course of several days, they reveal raw emotions as each couple prepares for their special day amidst family tensions and societal pressures. Through their eyes we see what it takes for these brave individuals to stand up for love against all odds.

For anyone interested in learning more about this unique phenomenon, “Mixed Marriages on Cyprus” is an absolute must-watch documentary that will give you an intimate look into what it truly means for two hearts beat as one across cultures – even if it takes flying halfway around the world to make it happen!

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