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May 15, 2023 | Culture, History, People, Religion, Videos

Mahad is a Somali Sijui, a member of the vibrant and diverse Eastleigh district located in Nairobi, Kenya. Commonly referred to as Little Mogadishu due to its high concentration of Somali citizens, Eastleigh is the second largest Somali city in the world. Mahad and his friends are part of a unique cultural group that don’t quite fit into either culture; they are Kenyan as much as they are Somali, struggling to find their identity in the melting pot of modern-day Nairobi.

The inspiring story of Mahad and his peers has been captured in an award-winning documentary: ‘Somali Sijui’. Directed by Gary Weimberg and Catherine Ryan, ‘Somali Sijui’ follows this special group of people on their remarkable journey towards self-discovery. The film provides an intimate look into their lives, exploring issues such as identity, belonging, displacement, religion and culture through personal interviews with the subjects featured within the documentary.

Regardless of one’s own cultural background or views on social issues, viewing ‘Somali Sijui’ is sure to be an inspiring experience. Through it’s thought-provoking narrative and captivating visuals, viewers will gain insight into the daily struggles of a group of individuals often overlooked by society. It’s a powerful reminder that we all have our own unique story to tell and that our differences should never be seen as something negative or isolating.

For those looking for an enlightening and eye-opening experience about life in Eastleigh, ‘Somali Sijui’ is a must watch!

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David B