Albania: A Shepherd’s Life

Jul 12, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Videos

For centuries, Albanian shepherds have been wandering the Balkan Mountains with their herds of goats and sheep in search of lush meadows to sustain them. This esteemed tradition has been passed down through generations; however, it was tragically interrupted when Albania fell under communist rule. After the fall of communism, these shepherds are determined to revive their traditional ways, but there is a fear that the culture will not be able to survive in its original form.

This important issue is now being spotlighted in a documentary called Wandering Shepherds: Reclaiming an Albanian Tradition. The film follows four shepherds from different regions as they journey with their flocks and share stories about their beloved way of life. Through this journey, we gain insight into the challenges they face as they attempt to protect their heritage and pass it on to the next generation.

It’s inspiring to hear tales about how these brave individuals are striving against all odds to preserve a tradition that is so deeply intertwined with Albanian history. Viewers are given an intimate look into the lives of these peasants and get a better understanding of why herding still remains an integral part of Albanian rural life. We also learn how this occupation has remained unchanged for centuries despite attempts by foreign powers to suppress it.

Wandering Shepherds

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David B