World’s Toughest Prison (Mexico and Peru)

Jun 9, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Santa Martha jail in Mexico and Lurigancho Prison in Peru are known for their difficult living conditions, overcrowding, and lack of resources. This has been highlighted in a powerful documentary that brings to light the harsh realities of life within these prisons.

The film follows the lives of inmates struggling to cope with their daily routine and its accompanying pressures, both physical and psychological. It examines how prison guards are forced to hand some control to longer-term inmates due to the overcrowding situation. Through this, we gain an insight into how informal hierarchies develop and how enforced rules might differ from official regulations.

We also see the human side of prisoners fighting to survive morally, emotionally and physically in such a hostile environment – at times heartbreaking but ultimately inspiring stuff. The film gives us a unique perspective on our current understanding of justice systems, exploring themes such as discipline, power dynamics and violence all with stunning clarity.

This documentary is essential viewing for anyone wanting to take an honest look at life inside some of the world

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David B