Was Nicole Pietz’s killing a “random act?”

Jun 28, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Nicole Pietz’s death is an unsolved mystery that has captivated people across the country for almost a decade. On January 28, 2006 in Federal Way, Washington, Nicole disappeared without a trace and her body was found days later in a nearby lake. Many have speculated if her killing was a “random act” but the details remain unclear.

The crime has been explored in-depth by independent filmmaker Dirk Morales as part of the documentary series ‘Vanished’. In the documentary, Morales investigates every angle of the case and speaks to key people involved in order to piece together a narrative about what may have happened to Nicole that fateful day. He also examines important theories such as gang involvement and considers if her death could have been prevented.

The documentary provides an intimate look into the life of Nicole Pietz and her family as they attempt to make sense of her disappearance and untimely death. Viewers will gain insight into how Nicole’s mother and father cope with their tremendous loss, while reflecting on how this tragedy impacted their community.

Watching Vanished provides viewers with an opportunity to delve deeper into this unsolved mystery while learning more about why it has remained unresolved over the past 10 years. The film raises questions regarding society’s responsibility for preventing similar crimes from occurring again, sparking much needed conversations around safety and justice for victims like Nicole Pietz.

So join Dirk Morales on his journey to uncover answers and honor Nicole Pietz’s memory by watching Vanished today!

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David B