Trench Town: The Forgotten Land

Jan 10, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Every year, Jamaica welcomes over two million visitors looking to explore its picturesque scenery and rich cultural history. While tourism is the island-nation’s most lucrative industry, many of its citizens remain in deep poverty unseen by outsiders.

Trench Town, Kingston 12 is a prime example of this disparity, situated just miles away from the bustling city center. Here, overcrowded apartment blocks stand side-by-side with makeshift structures made of rust-colored zinc roofs and board walls. The impoverished conditions are further exacerbated by crime and violence that plague the area on a regular basis.

The story of Trench Town was recently captured in an eye-opening documentary, offering viewers a rare glimpse into life in Jamaica’s neglected slums. Through interviews with locals, the film highlights the harsh realities faced by those living in such extreme poverty and offers suggestions for how to help improve their circumstances.

For anyone seeking an intimate understanding of Jamaican culture and its people, this documentary is essential viewing. It provides an honest portrayal of life behind the tourist sites – one which is often ignored or forgotten about by outsiders. By watching this film, not only will you gain insights into one of Jamaica’s most disadvantaged communities but you’ll also be doing your part to bring awareness to an issue that needs urgent attention.

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David B