Thieves by Law

Dec 30, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The award-winning documentary, Thieves by Law, offers a unique and compelling insight into the rise of Russian organized crime following the fall of the Soviet Union. Directors Alexander Gentelev and Sergey Kachkin interviewed some of the most notorious figures in the criminal underworld, many of whom are still wanted by Interpol today.

The film paints an unflinching portrait of how organized crime has entrenched itself in modern Russia and affected both individuals and wider society. Through interviews with law enforcement officials, it reveals how far these powerful criminal networks have spread their influence—from prostitution rings to money laundering schemes. It also tells stories from those within its grasp, from victims to perpetrators, offering a harrowing glimpse into its effects on individual lives.

Thieves by Law is a riveting watch that raises urgent questions about the power dynamics between Russia’s government and mafia. It demonstrates not only the scale and depth of organized crime but also its creativity and ingenuity in evading detection. For anyone interested in understanding more about this hidden world, Thieves by Law is essential viewing.

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David B