The Price of Honor

Aug 15, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Price of Honor is an eye-opening documentary that tells the tragic story of Amina and Sarah Said, two teenage sisters who were tragically murdered by their own father, Yaser Said. This documentary takes a hard look at what can happen when cultural beliefs clash with female autonomy in a family setting.

The film follows the excruciatingly painful journey of the sisters as they struggle to escape their repressive father’s control and fend off his advancing violence. With powerful interviews from family members, it provides an intimate portrait of how Amina and Sarah were forced to choose between their safety and freedom, or staying in an oppressive environment where they felt powerless to act.

Though sadly cut short by their untimely deaths, the sisters’ story serves as a powerful reminder of what can happen when women are not respected or given adequate protection from those closest to them. As shown in The Price of Honor, this kind of violence against women is not limited to any one culture or religion—it is something that transcends all boundaries.

This deeply moving documentary offers viewers an important glimpse into the realities and consequences that arise when cultural values overwhelm individual rights and freedom. It also serves as a timely call for greater awareness around honor killings and other forms of gender-based violence so that we can work together towards preventing such tragedies in the future.

If you are looking for an inspiring story about female empowerment that showcases how love can conquer even the deepest darkness, then The Price of Honor is a must watch. It will leave you feeling inspired and hopeful for a better tomorrow, while also providing valuable knowledge about why these kinds of issues must be addressed with urgency.

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David B