The Missing 43: Mexico’s Disappeared Students

Aug 12, 2023 | Crime, Videos

In September 2014, the small town of Iguala, Mexico witnessed a tragedy that would ripple throughout the country and beyond. On a seemingly normal night, students were stopped by local police while making their way to a demonstration. The ensuing confrontation quickly spiraled out of control and resulted in six students shot dead and 43 abducted with no trace.

Underneath this tragedy lay an even more sinister truth; investigations soon revealed that the police force had acted under orders from none other than the mayor himself. One student was later found dead and identified, though the others remain missing and are presumed to have been killed.

This atrocity has been widely reported on, with many seeking answers for what happened that fateful night in Iguala. To further explore this story as well as shed light on many similar cases of state violence in Mexico, Netflix recently released a documentary titled ‘Iguala: The Missing 43’, which takes an intimate look at the lives lost due to political corruption and injustice.

This powerful and heartbreaking documentary is essential viewing for anyone wanting to gain insight into what really happened in Iguala on that fateful day. It is also an important reminder of how quickly violence can spread when unchecked power goes unchecked, leading us all to ask ourselves: What can we do to prevent such tragedies from happening again? If you want to find out more about this case and its implications, we urge you watch ‘Iguala: The Missing 43’ – it may just change your life forever.

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David B