The Miami Model

Apr 20, 2024 | Crime, Videos

The Miami Model is a term used to describe the oppressive tactics employed by law enforcement during the 2003 FTAA meeting protests in Miami, Florida. The protests were unique in their arguably extreme level of police surveillance and repression of protesters, leading many to label it the “Miami Model” of law enforcement. This has been documented in the documentary film titled, appropriately enough, “The Miami Model”, produced by Indymedia.

This documentary sheds light on the events that took place in 2003, exploring how law enforcement used excessive force to repress protesters. It also looks at how people of color were heavily impacted by the police actions in Miami and how activists rallied together to organize and take a stand against them. In addition to offering an in-depth look into this incident, viewers will gain insight into some larger issues relating to free trade agreements and social justice issues.

Given its importance as an important historical event and its insights into these important topics, “The Miami Model” is certainly worth watching. Whether you are already familiar with what happened or not, this documentary will provide an enlightening look at the events of November 2003 while prompting viewers to think critically about social justice issues today.

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David B