The Manson Women

Apr 17, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Thirty years since the gruesome murders of seven people by cult leader Charles Manson and his notorious ‘Family’, the world is still captivated by the chilling story. Three young women, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel, were among those accused of committing these heinous acts. Astonishingly, they laughed their way through their trial despite facing the death penalty for multiple murders. How did these hippie girls come to be so devoted to a scrawny, yet enigmatic guru, that they were willing to take part in such a cruel and sadistic act?

To try to uncover an answer to this question, many have turned to The Longest Night: The True Story of Charles Manson’s Girls documentary. Through detailed interviews with family members, friends and law enforcement officials involved in the case at the time, viewers are taken on a journey into the lives of these three young women before they became part of Manson’s cult. An exploration into how manipulation and mind control can brainwash individuals into violence will leave viewers both shocked and perplexed.

The documentary also examines how society reacted to three young women taking part in such evil deeds as well as how it was for them after they were incarcerated. We get an insight into what life was like inside California’s all-female prison during this period in history and witness how each of them dealt with being behind bars for life.

By bringing together dramatic recreations with archival footage and photographs The Longest Night: The True Story of Charles Manson’s Girls creates an immersive experience for its audience. It is an intriguing crime documentary which dives into one of America’s most infamous cases with sensitivity and care – giving us a shocking glimpse at how easily we can be fooled by people who manipulate us for their own gain. So if you are interested in understanding more about this dark chapter in US history then this is definitely worth watching!

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David B