The Jinx

Aug 9, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Jinx, an award-winning documentary series from HBO, explores the life of millionaire real estate mogul Robert Durst and his potential involvement in three murders. The six-part series is a gripping story of Durst’s rise to power and resulting downfall due to the unsolved cases that surround him.

Through interviews with close friends and associates of Durst as well as exclusive footage, The Jinx paints a captivating portrait of a man whose mysterious past has been clouded with suspicion for decades. His estranged brother Douglas Durst, former debauched confidant Nick Chavin, and personal assistant Nathan “Nick” Chavin all provide exclusive insights into Robert’s life.

As the mystery surrounding each murder deepens, viewers are taken on a journey through the twists and turns of Robert’s unusual life. Interspersed throughout is evidence that could potentially link him to each homicide – including documents retrieved from secret storage units, handwritten address books containing names connected to his victims, and items discarded by the suspect himself decades earlier.

The Jinx culminates in a dramatic conclusion that will keep viewers glued to their seats until the end. With its unique blend of testimony from those closest to Durst as well as never-before-seen evidence, this powerful documentary will leave you questioning whether justice has been served or if there is still more to learn about these notorious murders. We highly recommend watching The Jinx – it is sure to be an unforgettable viewing experience!

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David B