The Ghoul of Plainfield

Oct 29, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Ghoul of Plainfield is a chilling documentary that takes you on a journey into the dark world of unsolved mysteries. It follows the story of Larry Jeffers, an infamous unsolved case from 1971.

In Plainfield, Indiana, Jeffers vanished after he was last seen with his girlfriend and her family. His car was found abandoned in a nearby park and no trace of him has ever been found since. Police investigations brought up rumors of murder and foul play but no solid evidence was ever uncovered. This film investigates this strange disappearance and explores various theories from locals who had contact with Larry before his vanishing act.

This documentary is truly captivating as it features interviews with witnesses, police officers, detectives, and other people involved in Larry’s disappearance. You will gain insight into the case that may help lead to answers that have remained elusive for almost five decades.

The Ghoul of Plainfield is sure to leave you shocked and intrigued by its captivating storytelling and immersive visuals. It will also make you ponder on the nature of reality itself as its events unfold before your eyes. Do not miss out on this must-watch documentary – watch The Ghoul of Plainfield now!

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David B