The Cromwell Street Killings

Apr 6, 2024 | Crime, Videos

The documentary “Rosemary West: A Life Behind Bars” tells the chilling story of Rosemary and her husband Fred West, a couple accused of murdering 10 female victims in Gloucester, U.K., during a 20-year period ending in 1987. The Wests took advantage of vulnerable teenage runaways, offering them rides, lodging or jobs as nannies as a way to lure them into their web before trapping them inside their so called “House of Horrors” in 25 Cromwell Street.

Once there, these young women were subjected to unimaginable horrors: stripped and bound with tape, they were sexually assaulted and tortured before being killed. Some of them were later dismembered and buried on the premises. The case shocked the whole nation when it was finally uncovered by police in 1994.

This terrifying true story is explored in the eye-opening documentary “Rosemary West: A Life Behind Bars”. Through interviews with family members, detectives involved in the investigation and people who knew the killer couple personally, this film reveals what led Rosemary and Fred to commit such heinous crimes and how they managed to remain undetected for so many years. It also provides an insight into the psychological makeup of one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers – Rosemary West – examining her childhood development and motives for murder.

For those interested in learning more about one of Britain’s darkest episodes, this documentary is essential viewing. With a gripping plot full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entirety, “Rosemary West: A Life Behind Bars” offers an intimate look into what happened behind closed doors at 25 Cromwell Street all those years ago – don’t miss out!

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David B