Stalking Amanda: The Man in the Shadows

Oct 9, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The Fifth Estate, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documentary feature called Stalking Amanda: The Man in The Shadows, is an important and timely reminder of the dangers that young girls face when interacting with older men on the internet. It tells the story of Amanda Todd, one that’s tragically become all too familiar in the age of personal computers and social media.

When she was only fifteen years old, Amanda Todd was targeted by an adult predator online who manipulated her and relentlessly stalked her, even after she tried to escape his clutches. His actions resulted in her suffering severe psychological damage and ultimately leading to her heartbreaking suicide. It’s a story that can’t be ignored and it’s why it’s essential to watch this documentary.

Stalking Amanda: The Man in The Shadows provides an intimate look into what happened to Amanda Todd as well as a glimpse into how cyber-stalking works and what it can do to those that are targeted by it. Featuring interviews with experts from law enforcement, cyber-security specialists, psychotherapists, activists and more, this film serves as both a warning about the potential consequences of online interaction as well as a call-to-action for viewers to stay vigilant when on social media or other websites.

The feature also goes beyond just telling Amanda’s story; it aims to inspire viewers to take control of their safety online and speak up when they see something dangerous going on around them – whether that be in their own community or on the internet at large. By watching this documentary you’re not just learning about one young girl’s tragedy but actively helping stop others from experiencing something similar.

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn more about the issue of cyber-stalking through Stalking Amanda: The Man in The Shadows – an eye-opening documentary from CBC’s The Fifth Estate that will help keep all of our daughters safe online.

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David B