Sneak peek: Death at Soho House

Apr 11, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Death at Soho House is a gripping documentary examining the mysterious death of 19-year-old Danny Cutts. Cutts was found dead in the London branch of Soho House, an exclusive members-only club for creative and media professionals. His death has never been solved.

The documentary uses archival footage, interviews with witnesses, and expert analysis to explore a range of theories around Cutts’s untimely death. Through this investigation, it seeks to uncover the truth behind what happened that fateful day in May 2013, when his body was discovered in the private club.

The film also takes a closer look at the allure of Soho House and examines how its inner workings have come under scrutiny in light of Cutts’ death. It seeks to answer questions such as: How did he gain access to the club? Who were his companions on that night? And could someone have wanted him dead?

Death at Soho House offers an intriguing insight into one of London’s longest unsolved mysteries and asks us all to consider our own mortality – no matter how privileged we may or may not be. If you’re looking for something captivating yet thought-provoking, then this is definitely worth your time. Don’t miss out – watch Death at Soho House today!

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David B