Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market

Sep 26, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The 2015 government law passed in Kuwait guaranteeing domestic workers rights, such as one day off per week, has deepened the exploitation of these workers. In response to this, a new industry has arisen – an online community where domestic workers are bought and sold as slaves. This illegal internet market has been coined by some as the ‘Silicon Valley Slave Trade’.

BBC News Africa recently conducted a thorough investigation into this criminal network, exploring its depths and reporting on what they found. This documentary, ‘Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market’, is essential viewing for anyone interested in understanding this issue.

The documentary delves into all aspects of this shameful trade: from those who brazenly advertise their services on social media sites to those who benefit financially from it. It also highlights the plight of the domestic workers themselves, revealing stories of abuse and suffering that have become all too common within the industry.

The documentary is important in bringing attention to an otherwise hidden human rights violation that has long been taking place under our noses. This powerful film serves both as an eye-opener to the atrocities occurring every day and a reminder that we must do more as a society to prevent them from happening in the first place.

We urge you to watch ‘Silicon Valley’s Online Slave Market’ and join us in calling for better protection of domestic workers’ rights worldwide.

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David B