The True Story of Phil Schneider

May 9, 2024 | Conspiracy, Videos

Phil Schneider, a renowned figure in the underground world, passed away in 1996. Schneider had become infamous for his controversial lectures across the country on various topics such as his involvement with the secret building of an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico.

Schneider’s secretive nature and the details of his work within this base have been highly debated across social media and YouTube channels, and as such has lead to an interest in understanding what really happened during his time at Dulce.

The documentary “Black Dawn: Phil Schneider Revealed” is essential viewing for anyone seeking to learn more about this mysterious individual and his experiences working on this project. The film examines Schneider’s background from his days serving in the US military to going absent without leave (AWOL) after being part of a UFO cover-up. It also delves into some of the bizarre secrets that were uncovered during his stay at Dulce, including rumored sightings of aliens living alongside humans inside the facility.


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David B