The Housing Crisis in Catalonia

Jul 8, 2023 | Conspiracy, People, Videos

The housing crisis in Catalonia, Spain is dire – and nowhere is this clearer than in Barcelona. Rents are sky-high in the city and an estimated 20,000 people have found refuge in the city’s squatted buildings. To get rid of these squatters, some landlords turn to private eviction companies that often operate outside of the law.

The issue has been documented by filmmakers who have released a powerful documentary on the subject: “Barcelona Squatters,” which showcases interviews with evicted squatters as well as a rare glimpse into their living conditions. The film paints a heartbreaking picture of displacement and poverty; many of those forced out had no other options but to live in squalor or sleep on the streets.

The documentary sheds light on a wider social problem that has been long ignored, one that affects communities all over the world: the housing crisis. In Barcelona alone there is an enormous wealth gap with developers continuing to build luxury apartments while thousands continue to suffer from inadequate housing or lack basic rent protections.

As viewers watch “Barcelona Squatters” they cannot help but sympathize with those affected by poverty and displacement and feel moved to take action. Documentaries like these show us just how urgent social issues can be, prompting us to reflect on our own lives and what we can do to make a difference. So if you haven’t yet seen it, be sure to watch “Barcelona Squatters” – it will surely open your eyes to the need for real change within our society today.

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David B