*RE-UPLOAD* Young and Poor in Germany

Jul 23, 2023 | Conspiracy, Disaster, Nature, People, Videos

Since the start of the pandemic, Germany has seen its young adult population become increasingly vulnerable to poverty. While this age group has always been at risk of poverty, the strains and stress put on them by the COVID-19 pandemic have made it even more difficult for them to access education and find a job that pays a decent wage.

A new documentary from German broadcaster ZDF shines a spotlight on these challenges facing young adults today. The film follows four individuals – Aicha, Laura, Johannes and Ceyda – as they attempt to navigate their way through an uncertain future in a world that was already difficult enough to survive in before the coronavirus crisis.

Aicha is a 28-year-old hairdresser who dreams of owning her own salon one day, but her plans were put on hold when she lost her job due to the pandemic. Laura is struggling to finish her studies while also trying to make ends meet; with no financial support from her parents and few job opportunities available, she faces an uphill battle just to make basic ends meet. Johannes is 23 and wants to pursue a career in music production, but his plans are hindered by his part-time job as he can’t afford to take time off work or invest money into proper equipment needed for his dream job. Finally there’s Ceyda, aged 24; she’s determined not be dragged down by low expectations from family members who believe she should follow an ‘easier’ path than going into higher education – something which is out of reach without any form of financial help.

These struggles that millions of young people face every day are becoming increasingly worse due to the pandemic – making it ever harder for them to even dream about having a better future. The documentary follows these four brave individuals as they fight against all odds and try creating lives for themselves despite all these challenges they face daily. It’s an inspiring testament of how our youth can overcome adversity if given access to resources and proper support — something we all need now more than ever before.

We invite you watch this important documentary created by ZDF and learn about what needs are being faced by Germany’s 18–24 year olds today – because only then can we work together towards finding tangible solutions that benefit everyone equally.

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David B