Pearl Harbor Surprise Attack and its Aftermath | October – December 1941 | World War II

Dec 2, 2023 | Conspiracy, Environmental, Military/War, People, Videos

On December 7th, 1941, the world changed forever when Japanese bombers launched a surprise attack on the American Naval fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor. This event marked the United States’ entry into World War II and its involvement in the bitter struggle between Allied forces and Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler.

The attack began before 7 am Hawaiian time with a massive wave of Japanese fighter planes, torpedo bombers, dive-bombers and horizontal bombers raining destruction on two U.S. Navy battleships, three destroyers, other vessels and military targets throughout the harbor. The assault caused widespread destruction, killing more than 2,400 Americans and leaving nearly 1,200 wounded. The strike crippled eight battleships and damaged over 160 aircrafts.

The Japanese Empire had long been expanding their influence in Asia and the Pacific prior to this attack – but it wasn’t until this devastating event that America faced up to the full might of its new foe. Meanwhile in Europe, Hitler had managed to conquer much of Western Europe by this point – but now faced a formidable enemy from an unexpected source: America itself.

This momentous event is documented in detail in the documentary ‘Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later’ which provides viewers with an unprecedented look into all aspects of this fateful day through interviews with historians as well as veterans who survived the attack or those who lived through it on Oahu at that time. Through these interviews we are able to gain further insight into how far-reaching and destructive this event was; both for America at home as well as for Allied forces abroad fighting against Hitler’s tyranny.

We recommend watching ‘Pearl Harbor: 75 Years Later’ to truly appreciate the significance of what occurred on that day – not only was it one of the most devastating attacks ever carried out against America but also set off a chain of events that would impact countless lives throughout World War II and beyond.

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