El Alamein to Stalingrad (July – September 1942) World War II

Dec 27, 2023 | Conspiracy, Culture, Environmental, Military/War, Videos

In 1942, the Second World War was in full swing and the fate of Europe lay in the balance. With the onset of winter on the Russian Front, Nazi Germany’s hopes for a quick victory were fading fast. At El Alamein, German forces led by the legendary “Desert Fox” Erwin Rommel pushed forward to take control of North Africa from Great Britain, but they would soon face an unexpected obstacle.

The renowned British general Bernard Montgomery had arrived to take command of the Eighth Army and with him came fresh tactics and resolve that changed the tide of war in favor of Britain. His strategies enabled great successes against Rommel and turned back his advances at El Alamein. This pivotal battle has been described as a turning point in World War II, one which marked a major shift in momentum away from Hitler’s forces and towards Allied victory.

At the same time on the Eastern Front, Hitler’s troops were pushing their Stalingrad campaign forward with considerable force. However, despite Hitler’s boasts that this key city would soon be his, Soviet forces clung on desperately against all odds and prevailed in one of history’s most brutal battles. The cost of victory was high for both sides but it was a decisive moment which proved that even against overwhelming odds there could still be hope for those fighting for freedom from Nazi occupation.

The stories behind these two titanic clashes form a crucial part of our understanding of World War II today – stories which can be explored further through documentary films such as “El Alamein: Turning Point In WWII” and “Battle For Stalingrad”. Through exploring these events through archival footage, interviews with veterans and historians alike we can gain an insight into how life-altering these moments truly were for those who lived through them. So why not take some time out this week to watch one or both documentaries – you won’t regret it!

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