Children of War I Tracks East

Oct 1, 2023 | Conspiracy, Economics, Environmental, Military/War, Videos

The ongoing war in Ukraine has caused immense suffering for its citizens, particularly among the children. With the breakdown of their homes and families due to conflict, an estimated 12,000 Ukrainian kids have been relocated to Russia. The Kremlin claims that they have all been “brought home,” but the truth may be far more complex than that.

These young people now find themselves in an unfamiliar place, with no access to parents or guardians and uncertain futures. In order to bring attention to this plight, a powerful new documentary entitled “Lost Children of Ukraine” has been created by director Artem Makarenko and producer Roman Agastsov.

The film follows the heartbreaking stories of some of these children as they attempt to adjust to life away from their homes and loved ones. It shows how they’ve been forced into living in overcrowded shelters with little access to medical care or education – often without even knowing what’s happened to their families.

It’s a story that needs to be told, as it reflects a situation for many vulnerable people caught up in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Not only does this documentary provide insight into their daily struggles, but it also encourages viewers to think about what can be done – both practically and symbolically – in order to help them get back on their feet again.

In short, Lost Children of Ukraine is an incredibly powerful piece of work which deserves your full attention. Please watch this documentary if you’re able and consider donating whatever you can afford so that these displaced children can finally start rebuilding their lives again.

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David B