The Lost Children of Calcutta Station

Nov 21, 2023 | Business, Culture, Environmental, Videos

In India, the country is facing a stark contrast between economic growth and record prosperity on one side, and an increasing number of homeless children on the other. Over 100,000 children are currently living without a home in India, many of whom have found temporary refuge at Sealdah railway station in the heart of Calcutta.

These children come from a wide range of backgrounds: some may have run away from abusive homes or parents that could not provide for them; others may be orphans who had nowhere else to turn; and still more are simply too poor to survive on their own. But despite their different stories, these homeless children all share one thing – an unyielding struggle to survive.

At Sealdah railway station, it’s incredibly crowded and noisy as hundreds of passengers flood through each day. These homeless children must compete with the hustle and bustle to find enough food and shelter just to stay alive. Even when they do manage to get food scraps or odd jobs from passengers, they are often harassed or hassled for money by station authorities.

Unfortunately, homelessness among children is an often overlooked problem in India due to its sheer scale and scope across the country. To put this issue into perspective – while thousands of people pass through Sealdah railway station everyday, many hundred more are living there permanentlyThis France-Canada co-production goes behind the scenes of the huge tobacco industry, whose economic power has been expanding for five decades at the expense of public health. A gripping investigation covering three continents, Nadia Collot’s film exposes the vast conspiracy of a criminally negligent industry that conquers new markets through corruption and manipulation. To confront the tobacco cartel, anti-smoking groups are organizing and scoring points, but the fight remains fierce. With ist diverse viewpoints, shocking interviews and riveting images, The Tobacco Conspiracy deftly defines the issues in a complex situation where private interests and the public good collide. Enlightening and engrossing, this documentary is a hard-hitting critique of an industry gone mad.

due to poverty or other unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. The stigma associated with being homeless means that these kids endure extreme levels of isolation and loneliness – something which no child should ever experience in his or her life.

This heartbreaking situation has been captured in a new documentary which showcases everyday life among these forgotten children living at Sealdah railway station. The film takes us on a journey into the lives of these resilient street-children whose courage shines even in spite of their desperate situations. It captures both their stories and how we can help support them better as a society moving forward.

By watching this documentary we can all play our part in helping create meaningful change for these vulnerable kids who deserve so much more than what life has given them thus far. So please take some time out your day to watch this inspiring film about overcoming adversity – you won’t regret it!

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