Textiles: A Global Industry

Aug 2, 2023 | Business, Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Textiles have long been a cornerstone of the global economy, playing a critical role in international trade since the dawn of civilisation. One of the most famous examples of their power is the Silk Road, an ancient network of trade routes connecting China with Europe that flourished for centuries. In more recent times, textiles continue to be a major source of economic growth and prosperity around the world.

Unfortunately, this success is also accompanied by significant social and environmental costs. The production of textiles involves numerous hazardous chemicals that often end up polluting both air and water sources, as well as contributing to global warming through carbon emissions from manufacturing processes. Furthermore, labour standards are often dismal in textile production, with wages below subsistence levels and workers exposed to dangerous working conditions.

These issues have been well documented over the years in various investigative reports and documentaries like ‘The True Cost’ which exposes the shocking truth behind our clothing industry today. Through powerful interviews with industry insiders and exposés on how big brands operate without accountability or transparency, this documentary shines a light on corporate negligence when it comes to human rights and environmental protection. It makes clear why we all must take responsibility for what goes into creating our clothes and understand that true cost goes far beyond just monetary value.

We need more people to be aware not only of these issues but also how we can make conscious purchases that don’t come at such a high price for society or our planet. Watching ‘The True Cost’ would be an excellent place to start in educating ourselves about the realities behind our fashion choices so we can make better decisions from hereon out.

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David B