Deadliest Journeys – India

Jun 22, 2023 | Business, Culture, Nature, People, Videos

Navigating the treacherous roads of India’s coal routes is a dangerous task that requires great skill and courage. Hundreds of truck drivers take on the challenge each day, enduring long drives through winding curves and steep inclines in order to deliver much-needed fuel to the country’s various power plants. Unfortunately, these journeys often come with unforeseen dangers; bandits, angry villages, and other deadly conditions that put these brave individuals at tremendous risk.

The new documentary “The Perilous Roads of Coal” by director Rajiv Sharma chronicles the struggles of India’s coal-route truckers as they bravely transport their precious cargo over hundreds of miles in hostile terrain. From the treacherous passes of Jharkhand to the danger-filled roads leading to Dhanbad, this film captures an honest look into the harsh realities faced by these everyday heroes.

Viewers are taken along for a vivid ride as we witness how these men and women navigate their way through rural India’s most perilous roads. We also gain insight into their daily lives – from their strategies for avoiding danger to moments when they have to resort to drastic measures in order to protect themselves or their cargo. Interspersed throughout are interviews with some of the very people who make this journey every day – providing an intimate glimpse into a world few will ever see firsthand.

The Perilous Roads of Coal is an incredibly important documentary that showcases both the bravery and resilience of India’s coal route truckers amid some of life’s most difficult challenges. It serves as a powerful reminder that everyday acts of courage can still be celebrated, even during desperate times like these – making it vital viewing for anyone wishing to understand more about today’s most pressing issues. So don’t miss out on this eye-opening experience – watch The Perilous Roads of Coal today!

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David B