The 10 Best Documentaries About Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson is a complex and fascinating figure in American history, whose legacy still resonates today. From his progressive policies to his role in World War I, there is much to explore about this enigmatic president. And what better way to delve into the complexities of Wilson’s life than through the lens of documentaries?

1. Woodrow Wilson American Experience Disc One

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States and leader of the Progressive Movement, is given a comprehensive look in this documentary. The film starts with an examination of his early life, upbringing, education, and political career. It continues by detailing his involvement in World War I and his League of Nations proposal. The documentary culminates with his death in 1924, and an outline of his lasting legacy. In addition to offering a thorough look at Wilson’s life, the documentary also covers lesser known aspects such as his religious faith, views on race, and relationship with wife Edith Boiling Galt Wilson. It’s an excellent look at one of America’s most influential presidents.


2. Woodrow Wilson – The Worst Great President

The 20th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, is a controversial figure in history. He was known for his progressive policies and criticisms of his legacy continue to this day. But what do we really know about him? The best documentaries on Woodrow Wilson can help us gain a better understanding of the man behind the presidency. From interviews with historians to contemporary accounts from Wilson’s time, these films provide a comprehensive look at the life and times of Woodrow Wilson.


3. Life Portrait Woodrow Wilson

The movie, Life Portrait Woodrow Wilson is the perfect documentary to watch if you want to learn more about the 28th President of the United States. The film follows a timeline of his life from childhood through to his election and presidency. You can find out interesting facts about his upbringing in Virginia, his college years at Princeton, and how he served as President during World War I. The documentary also covers his personal life, including his marriage to Edith Bolling Galt and his relationship with his children. The film is narrated by a variety of historians who provide an in-depth look at Woodrow Wilson’s life and legacy. This movie makes for a great history lesson about one of America’s most influential presidents.


4. Woodrow Wilson – The Rise of American Internationalism

The Life of Woodrow Wilson is an excellent in-depth documentary from PBS’s American Experience series. Covering the major moments of his life, The Life of Woodrow Wilson provides an overview of his presidency and examines how some of his decisions still affect us today. The Paris Peace Conference: Woodrow Wilson is a short but powerful documentary from the National Archives. Focusing on President Wilson’s participation in the conference and his efforts to create an international peace body, this film offers insight into why many saw him as one of America’s greatest presidents.


5. Woodrow Wilson’s Stroke

While questions remain to this day about the extent of Wilson’s disability, it is undoubtably true that he suffered a stroke and was not able to be an active President during his second term. The result was that Edith Wilson took over as “first lady president” and held some power in her own right. It has been debated whether she did more than just give her husband’s orders to his cabinet, and historians have been exploring this fascinating story ever since. The shifting of power that occurred after Wilson’s stroke has inspired many documentaries about the events surrounding his health crisis and its aftermath. These films examine the complex relationship between President Wilson and Edith as well as the behind-the-scenes machinations in Washington. From the perspectives of politicians, historians, and family members, these documentaries offer a unique insight on this significant moment in history.


6. Woodrow Wilson Decision to go to War

Woodrow Wilson’s decision to join World War I was one of the most controversial decisions of his presidency. As tensions rose between the United States and Germany, Wilson was forced to choose a side, and he ultimately decided on war. In doing so, he effectively changed the course of history. This momentous decision is explored in two acclaimed documentaries that provide unique perspectives on Wilson’s decision to enter the war. The first documentary, “Woodrow Wilson and the Great War”, focuses on how this single decision impacted American history. Through vivid archival footage and interviews with historians, it delves into the monumental effect that WWI had on global politics.


7.Woodrow Wilson Documentary

The documentary offers a comprehensive look at the life and times of the President, from his childhood in Virginia to his rise to power. It charts his career as a professor, lawyer, governor of New Jersey, United States president and his involvement in World War I. The film features interviews with historians and experts who discuss Wilson’s policies on segregation, women’s rights and foreign affairs. Wilson’s story is explored through archival footage and photographs, as well as through personal accounts from those who knew him. This documentary offers an insightful look into the life of one of America’s most influential leaders and a fascinating glimpse into the past. The documentary on Woodrow Wilson also takes a closer look at his accomplishments during his two terms in office. Some viewers may be surprised to learn of his progressive views on labor unions, economic reform and international diplomacy. The film looks at the legacy of Wilson’s Fourteen Points plan for world peace and examines how it laid the groundwork for today’s global system.


8. Woodrow Wilson – A World War and a League of Nations

The best documentaries about Woodrow Wilson can show us a lot. For starters, it can give us an insight into how his policies impacted the world during his term of office- including his views on race and gender equality. We can also get an understanding of how much of an influence he had on American politics in the early 20th century. Finally, we can get a glimpse of the events and decisions that resulted in America becoming the world’s most powerful nation. No matter where you look, you will find documentaries about Woodrow Wilson. Some may focus on his progressive policies, while others might highlight some of his more regressive views. There is something here for everyone. So whether you are looking to learn more about one of America’s most influential presidents or to get an understanding of the events that shaped history, these documentaries will show you everything you need to know


9. Champion for Democracy – Woodrow Wilson

The PBS documentary “Woodrow Wilson and the Great War” dives into Wilson’s life from his upbringing in Virginia to his election win. It provides an in-depth look at his path to presidency and how he shaped World War I. The BBC also has a documentary about Woodrow Wilson called “Woodrow Wilson: The Making of a President.” This film provides an even more detailed look into Wilson’s life, his policies and his views on the world. The History Channel also offers a documentary about Woodrow Wilson called “Woodrow Wilson: A President in Crisis.” This looks at the events during World War I and how they impacted Wilson’s decision to go to war with Germany.

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