The 7 Best Documentaries About Warren Harding

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Ever since the 29th President of the United States, Warren Harding, took office in 1921, his legacy has been one of both admiration and controversy. A master politician with all the charm and confidence of a natural leader, Harding’s achievements during his time as president have earned him a place in American history as one of our most successful presidents. But at the same time, Harding’s presidency has been marred by allegations of corruption and scandal. Fortunately, with the rise in popularity of documentaries, viewers can get a more comprehensive look into Warren Harding’s life story. Here are 7 documentaries about the former US President that provide insight into his legacy both good and bad. From looking at his role as president to exploring the scandals that came to shape his political career, these documentaries are sure to fascinate and educate viewers alike.

1. Ohio Channel Presents – The Story of Warren G. Harding

The Ohio Channel has collected several documentaries highlighting the life and times of President Harding. From his childhood to his adults years, from his time in office to the scandals in his administration, these documentaries tell a captivating story of one man’s rise to greatness and untimely demise. “A Political Journey: Warren G. Harding” is a documentary produced in 1981 about the life and times of President Harding. It covers his childhood, election to office, and tenure as President. This documentary highlights events such as the Teapot Dome scandal, which tarnished his reputation. “Harding Home: A Journey into History” is a film produced by Ohio History Connection in 2000 that focuses on the Harding home in Marion, Ohio. This documentary takes you back to the early days of Harding’s life and through his rise to power. It also shows a unique glimpse into the private lives of the Harding family, from Florence’s meticulous home décor to their love of animals.


2. Warren G. Harding – The Most Corrupt President in US History

Warren G. Harding was the 29th president of the United States and, unfortunately, also the most corrupt president in US history. His administration was marred with scandal due to his involvement in illegal activities such as bribery, embezzlement and misuse of government funds. Despite his tarnished reputation, Harding remains an important figure in American history and his life story continues to fascinate people around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about Warren G. Harding, then these documentaries are essential viewing. These documentaries explore his life, scandals, and legacy in greater detail: The Scandalous Presidency of Warren G. Harding: This documentary looks into the corruption that took place during Harding’s time in office. The documentary includes interviews with historians and political analysts who provide insight into the scandals of Harding’s presidency.


3. The Life and Presidency of Warren Harding

Exploring the life and times of the 29th president of the United States, Warren Harding, is a unique experience. In addition to reading biographies and other historical texts about his life, there are several documentaries available which explore various aspects of Harding’s life. From his childhood in Ohio to his time as President, each documentary provides insight into this enigmatic figure from American history. The documentary Harding: A President’s Journey is one of the most comprehensive and best-known documentaries about Warren Harding. Produced by the History Channel, it follows his life from his humble beginnings in rural Ohio to his iconic presidency. This documentary features interviews with notable historians such as Michael Beschloss and Edmund Morris, as well as archival footage and photographs from the Harding era. The National Geographic documentary America’s 29th President: Warren G. Harding looks at Charles Taft’s life through a different lens, focusing on his political and personal achievements rather than his scandals.


4. Warren G. Harding’s Birmingham Speech About Race

One of the best documentaries about Harding’s presidency is The Life and Times of Warren G. Harding by Frank Capra. This documentary takes a look at how Harding was able to secure the Republican nomination for president and all the events leading up to his election in 1920. It also looks at how he used his charm, populism, and persuasive abilities to win over voters. The documentary is filled with archival footage and interviews with historians who discuss various aspects of Harding’s presidency. Another great documentary about Warren G. Harding is American Experience: Warren G. Harding by Ken Burns. This three-part series examines the life and times of President Harding, from his childhood in rural Ohio to his rise to power as the nation’s 29th president. It also looks at Harding’s scandalous private life, and the controversies that surrounded his administration. Burns’ documentary is an in-depth look at a political career that was both promising and controversial in many ways. Finally, The Great Betrayal: Warren G. Harding by Robert Osborne is another excellent documentary about Harding’s presidency.


5. How Warren G. Harding’s Secret Love Affairs and Erotic Letters Changed The World

The truth behind these mysteries has been explored in several feature-length documentaries, including “Warren G. Harding: The 29th President” (2004), which chronicles the rise and fall of Harding’s political career, from his days as a small town newspaper editor to his election to the nation’s highest office. Another is “Harding Scandal: Secrets & Lies” (2012), which goes deeper into the details of his affair with German spy Nan Britton. The documentaries also explore Harding’s relationship with his wife Florence and how she accepted his philandering ways, as well as the effect this had on their daughter, Elizabeth. In addition to these feature-length films, there has been a handful of shorter documentaries about Harding, such as “The Tragic Love Story of Warren G. Harding” (2012) and “The Troubled Presidency of Warren G. Harding” (2014).


6. Warren G Harding – The 29th President of the United States

Harding was born in Ohio and served as a county prosecutor before running for office. He was famous for bringing America back after World War One, passing bills like the Fordney- McCumber Tariff Act, leading relief efforts for the Great Mississippi Flood and much more. Harding was a popular president despite his scandal-ridden legacy, so it’s no surprise that great documentary filmmakers have attempted to capture his legacy on film. Here is a list of some of the best documentaries about Warren G Harding: The Last Year of Warren G Harding – This documentary was made by award-winning director Nickolas Perry and features interviews with historians, biographers and Harding’s own family. The film is a comprehensive look at Harding’s life, his scandalous affair with Nan Britton and the events leading up to his untimely death in 1923. The Mystery of Warren G Harding – This documentary was released in 2010 and focuses on the life of Harding before he became president. It examines his unlikely rise to power, explores the scandals that plagued his presidency and looks at the events leading up to his death in 1923.


7. Warren Harding III -The Centennial Interview

The Foundation is dedicated to promoting the legacy of Warren G. Harding and Coolidge. As part of this effort, we seek to educate students and the public about his life and legacy through documentaries, films, speeches, websites, lectures, books, articles and symposia. To that end the Foundation has produced two major documentary films: The Coolidge Effect (2019) and Warren G. Harding: A Life Revisited (2017). The Coolidge Effect tells the story of the life, times, and policies of President Calvin Coolidge and his impact on America. It includes interviews with historians, biographers, scholars, and members of Congress as well as family members including Coolidge’s only living grandchild. Warren G. Harding: A Life Revisited explores the life and legacy of America’s 29th President, Warren G. Harding. The documentary features interviews with historians, biographers, family members, and other experts who discuss Harding’s early life in Ohio, his political career, his presidency and the scandals that surrounded it. Both documentaries have been well-received by viewers around the world.

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