The Best Documentaries About Paramount

Feb 6, 2024 | Best Of, Media, People

Are you looking for an entertaining educational experience? Look no further than documentaries about Paramount. These films tell a unique story of the brand’s evolution over multiple decades, highlighting the company’s impressive growth and transformation. From biopics on some of its most successful movies to explorations of its changing corporate culture, these documentaries offer an interesting glimpse into one of Hollywood’s biggest and most influential players. Here are some of the best documentaries about Paramount that you can watch right now.


1. A Brief History of Paramount Pictures | THE STUDIOS

Paramount Pictures is a historic American film studio that has been making cinematic magic since 1912. It began when Adolph Zukor, a Hungarian-born entrepreneur and theater owner, founded the Famous Players Film Company in New York City. He quickly gained an impressive roster of star talent and became one of the first major Hollywood movie studios. Over the next century, Paramount.


2. The House That Shadows Built: The History of Cinema (Paramount Pictures, 1912-1932)

Documentary Journey: A Look Into the Paramount Pictures Empire (1912-1932)This documentary explores the birth of one of Hollywood’s most recognizable empires, Paramount Pictures. From its humble beginnings as a small studio in 1912 to its incredible success in 1932, this documentary looks at the history and legacy of Paramount Pictures. The film takes viewers back in time to.


3. Paramount Pictures Studio Tour Is Strict But Amazing – Walking Around The Old Hollywood Backlot

For those passionate about learning about the creation of movie masterpieces, a Paramount Pictures Studio Tour is a must-see. Taking one around the backlot of Old Hollywood, this tour offers an unforgettable experience for any film fan. The tour will walk visitors through many stories of how some of Paramount’s classic films and television series were made. While on the.


4. Paramount Records: Beyond the Blues | University Place

Go on an enlightening journey with Paramount Records: Beyond the Blues. This University Place documentary takes viewers back to the roots of blues music – all the way up to its modern-day forms. The story starts in Grafton, Wisconsin, where entrepreneur and record label executive Jay Farrar established Paramount Records in 1917. Since then, the company has.


5. Studio Executives Roundtable: Netflix, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Disney, Amazon | Close Up

The curtain has risen for a new chapter in the world of documentary filmmaking. Netflix, Warner Bros., Universal, Paramount, Disney and Amazon have all come together at the roundtable to discuss how streaming services are revolutionizing the industry. From original projects exclusive to their platforms to classic documentaries being adapted for modern audiences, each studio is transforming how moviegoers experience stories that.

6. Yellowstone In 49 Minutes: Seasons 1-4 Recap | Paramount Network

Documentaries are an excellent way to experience nature in a deeply meaningful way. From Yellowstone In 49 Minutes: Seasons 1-4 Recap on the Paramount Network, viewers can explore this majestic national park and all it has to offer. Through breathtaking footage and powerful stories, you’ll get to see the beauty of Yellowstone on your own terms.

7. A Dutton Interview from the Ranch | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

A journey into the heart of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone: A Dutton Interview from the Ranch. From the depths of the mountains to the shores of the rivers and everywhere in between, experience firsthand what it means to be a part of this epic family drama. Be immersed in conversations with those who have been essential to its success, understand how they rose up to become powerful figures.


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