The 17 Best Documentaries About John F Kennedy – JFK

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A Presidency Revealed – This documentary provides a unique in-depth look at the life of John F Kennedy. It follows his rise from a privileged childhood to his political career and eventual assassination. With rare archival footage, interviews with people who knew him, and insights from historians, this film offers an unprecedented look into the man behind the president. Starring Bruce Greenwood as JFK, this film dramatizes the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. It captures the intense negotiations between JFK and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev as the two leaders attempted to prevent a nuclear war.

1. JFK: A President Betrayed (2013)

In this documentary narrated by the iconic Morgan Freeman, viewers are exposed to compelling evidence surrounding President John F. Kennedy’s clandestine efforts for peace during a time of intense political turmoil. With an unwavering determination to end the war in Vietnam, JFK boldly pursued secret negotiations with Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro, despite facing vehement pushback from within his own government.






2. I Killed JFK The Shocking Truth (2014)

The long-awaited James Files interview has finally come to light, revealing shocking evidence that points to a conspiracy involving the Mafia and CIA in the assassination of JFK. This explosive revelation is causing widespread controversy as it challenges our understanding of history and raises crucial questions about a possible Coup d’etat.






3. JFK X: Solving the Crime of the Century (2023)

Witness the unveiling of a groundbreaking documentary as it reveals the ultimate truth behind the tragic events that unfolded on that fateful day in Dallas. Through advanced technology, the iconic Zapruder film is enhanced to provide undeniable evidence of what truly transpired on that ill-fated moment when President Kennedy was assassinated.






4. JFK: The Final Evidence (2023)

Discover the truth behind one of the most controversial events in American history – the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Journey through exclusive eyewitness testimonies, expert analysis, and recently declassified government documents to unravel the mystery surrounding this tragic event.




5. JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass (2021)

Thirty years have passed since the release of acclaimed director Oliver Stone’s first exploration into the JFK assassination. In this new documentary, Stone revisits the tragic event that not only shaped a generation, but also had a profound impact on an entire nation. By utilizing recently declassified and reexamined footage, Stone presents a compelling case that challenges previously accepted beliefs surrounding the infamous event.





6. JFK’s Women: The Scandals Revealed (2002)

Uncover the untold tales of John F. Kennedy’s romantic escapades, revealing a side of the beloved president that few knew existed. From his notorious affair with Marilyn Monroe to potential security breaches involving suspected Soviet spies, delve into the captivating and scandalous world of JFK’s relationships with women.






7. The Day Kennedy Died (2013)

In this great documentary, viewers are taken on a journey through the tragic events of JFK’s assassination. Through never-before-seen footage and powerful testimonies from those who experienced it firsthand, we gain a deeper understanding of one of the most impactful moments in American history.







The Best Free Documentaries About John F Kennedy – JFK


1. How The Life And Death Of JFK Changed The World

The life and death of John F. Kennedy profoundly impacted the world in ways few people could have predicted. From the moment he was elected President until his untimely death, JFK left an indelible mark on history that still resonates to this day. In order to understand how his legacy has become what it is today, documentaries about John F. Kennedy provide an invaluable resource into his life and the events that shaped it.



The assassination of John F. Kennedy is one of the most infamous events in modern history. To this day, controversy and conspiracy theories linger on about the events surrounding JFK’s untimely death. Documentaries have been made to explore the various angles related to his assassination, all offering unique insights into a tragedy that changed America forever. One such documentary is “Echoes of JFK: The Story of the Assassination,” which traces the events leading up to and after Kennedy’s assassination. It takes a close look at various theories, such as those surrounding Lee Harvey Oswald, and how they may have factored into this fateful day in history.


3. The Assassination of J. F. K

The extraordinary life of John F. Kennedy is featured in a number of documentaries, but none as powerful as The Assassination of J.F.K. This thought-provoking film delves into the mysterious circumstances surrounding his tragic death and examines the conspiracy theories that have been raised over the years. From footage from inside President Kennedy’s motorcade on Dallas’ Dealey Plaza to interviews with key witnesses in the case, this film provides an unflinching look into one of the most shocking events in modern history. With a compelling mix of archival footage, expert analysis, and eyewitness accounts, The Assassination of J.F.K. sheds light on a dark period in American history that still evokes questions today.


4. The Kennedy Assassination: Inside the Book Depository

The Book Depository has been the site of one of the most notorious assassinations in American history. On November 22nd, 1963, President John F Kennedy was fatally shot while traveling in a motorcade through Dallas. One of the most bizarre aspects to this tragedy is that it occurred within minutes of his arrival at the Texas School Book Depository building.


5. How JFK Changed US Politics Forev5er

John F Kennedy was one of the most influential presidents in American politics. His legacy still lives on today and his impact on the country has been felt for generations to come. From creating new policies to abiding by civil rights laws, he was a leader who inspired millions around the world.


6. John F Kennedy- The Final 24

Discover the incredible life of John F. Kennedy – one of America’s most beloved and respected leaders. Through The Final 24, you get a unique insight into his last day on earth through interviews with those closest to him and rare archival footage. Follow JFK from the morning he left for Dallas until his death that same evening, exploring how this iconic leader touched the lives of those around him. Relive the events that shaped America’s history. Uncover a story of humanity and resilience in the face of tragedy, and gain insight into why JFK continues to inspire generations today. Take a journey with The Final 24 and discover for yourself the life of John F Kennedy – truly a leader like no other.



For those who are interested in the history and mystery of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, there are a wealth of documentaries available to explore. From re-examining the evidence and theories surrounding this tragic event to delving deep into the events that surrounded it, these films provide an eye-opening look at one of the most important political moments in American history.


8. Robert F. Kennedy – America’s Lost President

A tale of tragedy and hope, Robert F. Kennedy – America’s Lost President tells the story of a great leader who left an indelible mark on the nation. From his humble beginnings in Massachusetts to his rise to power as Attorney General, RFK was dedicated to furthering justice and creating a world with more opportunity for all.


9. Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate

It’s hard to look back at the Kennedy-Nixon debates without marveling at the impact they had on American politics. The first of these televised debates changed the way Americans viewed their elected leaders and revolutionized how media influences our nation’s future. In this documentary, you’ll get a firsthand glimpse into this historic event that shaped our political landscape for decades to come.


10. What If Robert F. Kennedy Had Lived

What if Robert F. Kennedy had lived? This is a question that has been asked since he was tragically killed in 1968. What would the world have looked like, had he become President? Would he have achieved his goals of ending poverty and creating an atmosphere of equal opportunity for all?


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