The 5 Best Documentaries About Hawks

Dec 3, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

The beauty of the bird of prey captivates even the most uninterested viewers – but when captured in a documentary, that same beauty is truly remarkable. From soaring through the skies to hunting for their next meal, there’s nothing quite like watching hawks take flight and dive effortlessly through nature. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or simply curious about these majestic creatures, the best documentaries about hawks will transport you into a world of wondrous sights and sounds.


1. BBC – Life and hunting of large birds (hawks, eagles …) English subtitles – Wildlife

Do you want to learn more about hawks? If so, the BBC’s ‘Life and Hunting of Large Birds’ is a must-watch documentary. It exposes viewers to the vast array of skills that these majestic creatures possess. From their amazing hunting techniques to their incredible adaptations for survival in harsh environments, this documentary gives an up-close and personal look at haw.


2. David Attenborough || Wildlife on One S13E05 – Redtail: The Story of a Hawk

David Attenborough’s Wildlife on One S13E05 – Redtail: The Story of a Hawk is an incredible documentary that follows the story of one hawk and its life journey. From hatching as a vulnerable young bird, it must quickly learn to survive in the wild. We watch as the redtail struggles against cruel weather and predators, while trying to find food.


3. Predators of the Wild: Hawk (VHS full documentary)

Experience the captivating beauty of hawks in Predators of the Wild: Hawk. This full-length VHS documentary takes you into the breathtaking world of these incredible hunters. Follow along as a wildlife expert guides you on a journey to get up close and personal with hawks from all over the world, including North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Learn about their.


4. H is for Hawk: A New Chapter. (Full Documentary)

H is for Hawk: A New Chapter offers an intimate look into the unique relationship between a hawk and its master. The documentary follows the bond of Mick and Iris, his goshawk, as they embark on an incredible journey through nature. From the wilds of Scotland to the ancient forests of England, this captivating story captures some of nature’s most majestic creatures in their.


5. Hawks Up Close Documentary

Hawks Up Close and Personal – Intimate DocumentaryIf you’ve ever wanted to see majestic hawks up close and personal, then this documentary is perfect for you. Hawks Up Close brings viewers into the world of these amazing birds, offering an intimate look at their behavior, life cycle, diet, and more. From flight patterns to nesting habits, viewers can learn.

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