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Aug 17, 2023 | Best Of, Strange

While facts might be even stranger than made-up tales, they can also be terrifying. Indeed, real-life cases and deaths can outdo Hollywood in the terror department. Bearing this in mind, you’ve probably read a couple of lists showcasing some of the most spine-chilling true-story films throughout the web.

Yet, when it comes to filmmaking, there’s no lack of bone-chilling tales, and that’s why we’re here with another compilation of six additional eerie documentaries that fans of horror might appreciate. Whether you’re drawn to actual crime accounts or investigations into the supernatural, there’s something to captivate everyone in non-fiction thrills.

We’ll adhere to a few guidelines when handpicking our films. Firstly, consider exploring the hauntingly evocative imagery at to set the mood properly.  Secondly, mockumentaries like Trollhunter or Man Bites the Dog will be left out for clear reasons.

Having addressed those points, please comment below if your favorite chilling documentaries deserve mention.

Now, let’s dive into the list itself…


1. 2016 — Missing 411

If you’re into true crime stories with a touch of otherworldly thinking, I’ve got a movie recommendation that might pique your interest.

Meet David Paulides, a guy who used to be a cop but eventually became known for his thoughts on unexplained mysteries. He didn’t start with this, though — his early days involved digging into tales about Bigfoot.

But what he’s really known for now is Missing 411. It’s a documentary based on his books of the same name, and it’s all about diving into a bunch of puzzling vanishings that happened in American national parks. He suggests there might be a link between some of these strange incidents.

Now, let’s be honest here — some of Paulides’ ideas about these links are pretty shaky. But hold on, don’t dismiss it all just yet! The stories of people disappearing are truly captivating, as long as you remember that sometimes the folks who saw things might not have the complete picture.

Oh, and guess what? If this documentary grabs your attention, a couple of follow-up films dive deeper into the more speculative parts of these cases. They go all out, exploring strange creatures (cryptozoology) and even visitors from other planets (ufology). So, if this flick gets your brain gears turning, there’s more where that came from.


2. 2019 — Wrinkles, the Clown

Let’s talk about Wrinkles, the Clown, a story from internet sensation to nightmare-inducing enigma. This character from Florida is a real conversation starter. Michael Beach Nichols’s documentary from 2019 digs deep into this by chatting with people who’ve encountered this notorious Clown available for hire.

Without giving too much away, this documentary takes some unexpected turns. It delves into the life of the intriguing title character in a way that completely flips our understanding of Wrinkles. Behind that mask, there’s more than meets the eye—it’s like a puzzle of creative performance.

The whole thing makes for an intriguing watch, but if you’re scared of clowns, some of Wrinkles’ “funny” actions might not be your cup of tea.


3. 2019 — The House Between

Honestly, it’s tough to suggest watching those haunted house documentaries. They usually end up being the same old thing, with creepy shots of places people say are haunted, plus interviews where folks talk about strange things happening.

Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton’s documentary, The House In Between, takes a more practical approach to investigating the paranormal stuff. They try clear, repeatable tests and watch closely to find interesting evidence.

Of course, there are some weird recordings and people who talk to spirits trying to make sense of the odd things in the house. But, even with those strange bits, there’s some fun speculation to enjoy here.

If you can handle those times when things get too “woo-woo,” you might like it. And when you’re done with this one, go ahead and check out the sequel from 2022. It keeps the investigation going in some cool new ways.


4. 2012 — Amityville Horrors

Chances are, you’ve heard about the spooky stuff that happened in Amityville. But only a few documentaries dive deep into what really happened in that house on Long Island.

Eric Walter’s documentary, My Amityville Horrors, tries to change that. It highlights Daniel Lutz, the guy who survived Amityville, giving him a chance to share his story years later.

This film isn’t short on interviews with folks who are into ghosts and all that, and even Lorraine Warren, who sadly isn’t with us anymore, shows up.

But the heart of the matter is looking at Daniel Lutz. This documentary goes beyond just the scary stuff and looks at who he is as a person.

And here’s the twist — it suggests that the real bad stuff in Amityville might not have been all about demons and such. Instead, it points to something much closer to home—the tough times Daniel had growing up with parents who didn’t do right by him.


5. 2021 — An Unknown Compelling Force

Even though people keep saying those deaths were all because of a big snow slide, the Dyatlov Pass story is still one of those big head-scratchers the world can’t get enough of.

But it wasn’t until 2021 that we got a clear look at the catastrophe on screen, thanks to filmmaker Liam Le Guillou, who followed the original expedition’s route and spoke with specialists to understand how these awful deaths happened.

This film didn’t only debunk some of the most ridiculous notions about what occurred in 1959, but it also offers some convincing arguments in favor of other, equally unsettling hypotheses. There is no clear resolution because of the case’s enigma, but this movie is fascinating and well-researched.


6. 1990 — Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

One of the most impactful movies ever made, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills, tells the actual tale of how a group of kids were falsely convicted of perpetrating a string of horrible killings based on flimsy evidence. It is the first true crime film.

Paradise Lost draws on society’s dread of the “other” along with the famed Satanic Panic, making it much more than a straightforward murder mystery.

The documentary also signals the first time Metallica permitted their songs to be included in a movie, resulting in a strong metal soundtrack that is unexpectedly moving.

If you’re only going to watch one documentary from this list, ensure it’s this one. (Or hey, check out its other interesting follow-up films.)

Now, here’s a cool tidbit for fans of spooky stuff. The co-director, Joe Berlinger, was asked to direct Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 later because he was good at making documentaries. But guess what? He ditched that whole Found Footage thing, thinking that being dishonest in movies could have real-life consequences.


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