The Best Documentaries About Guitars

Oct 20, 2023 | Best Of, Music

This is a documentary that captures the soul of guitar playing. It takes us on an incredible journey through the lives and stories of some of the most influential guitarists in history, exploring their unique techniques and styles. From blues legends to rock gods, it shows us how they crafted their sound and played with such passion. It is an inspiring film for any aspiring guitarist and an illuminating look at the legendary players who shaped modern music. Dive into their stories, become enthralled by their techniques, and experience firsthand the heart of guitar playing. It will make you want to pick up a guitar and start strumming!

1. BBC iPlayer The Joy of the Guitar Riff

Discover the joy of the guitar riff with BBC iPlayer’s new documentary. This captivating documentary follows a group of guitar players from around the world who have found their own unique sound through exploring different chords and techniques, including riffs.


2. The Story of the Guitar

The world of guitars is an ancient and captivating one. From the earliest days of classical music to the modern era, the guitar has been at the forefront of innovation in sound and style. It uncovers this fascinating history with its feature-length documentary, The Story of the Guitar Part 1 – In the Beginning.


3. The Birth of the American Guitar

In this documentary, we take a look at the birth of the American guitar. From its humble beginnings to its evolution into the beloved instrument it is today, we explore how far it has come in terms of design and sound. We trace back the origins of the American guitar all the way to its roots in Africa and South America, when stringed instruments were first created out of necessity. We further explore how the electric guitar developed over time, becoming part of the rock and roll movement that changed music forever. From country to blues to jazz and more, we examine how the American guitar has served as a musical backdrop for almost every genre imaginable.


4. Ventures: Stars on Guitars

Introducing Ventures: Stars on Guitars, a music documentary that takes you on a musical journey with Hollywood’s biggest stars. Experience the music of Eric Roberts, Billy Bob Thornton and Lalo Schifrin as they join forces to create their own unique sound. This incredible film showcases the creative process behind creating some of the most memorable musical pieces ever heard in movies.


5. Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Gods

The music of South Asia is an expression of a diverse culture, spanning many countries, tribes and musical genres. One of its most timeless expressions is that which has been created by guitar gods like Ritchie Blackmore. This documentary follows Blackmore on his journey from obscurity to notoriety as he begins to make waves in the South Asian music scene.


6.  A Guitar Odyssey

Guitar maestros and aficionados alike, this one’s for you! It takes us on an unforgettable journey through the diverse array of modern guitar playing. Through interviews with some of the world’s most talented musicians and exploration of unique sounds from around the globe, we gain insight into how these unimaginable sounds are created by the passionate artists.


7. Electric Guitar Documentary 19871

This is an electric guitar documentary that explores the history and evolution of one of the most iconic instruments ever made. This film features interviews, performances, and archival footage to tell the story of how it changed popular music around the world. It starts off with a look at its invention in 1931 by Les Paul and George Beauchamp, two passionate musicians who wanted to create something entirely new. From there, the film looks at how it evolved over the years and why it is so beloved by generations of players. We hear from luminaries like Slash, Billy Corgan, and B.B. King about their own experiences with electric guitars and how they shaped their sound.


8. The Ballad of the Dreadnought

This is an enchanting documentary about the story of one man’s journey to become a master guitarist. Follow It as he embarks on his quest of self-discovery, learning from and playing alongside legendary guitarists along the way. Discover how he revolutionized the instrument by introducing new techniques and styles that would later be adopted by many. Get ready for an epic journey and inspiring story of determination, innovation, and the power of music. A stirring tribute to one man’s creative passion for guitar playing, thisis guaranteed to leave viewers with a newfound appreciation of the craft.


9. Guitar Stories Mark Knopfler SkyArts1

The critically acclaimed documentary from SkyArts1, takes viewers on a breathtaking journey through the musical past and present of Mark Knopfler. Featuring rare interviews with musicians, producers, and industry professionals from around the world, It provides an in-depth exploration of both his solo career and time spent as part of one of the most iconic bands in the world, Dire Straits.


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