The 10 Best Documentaries About Gopher

Dec 1, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Documentaries are powerful tools that can take us on a journey through time, space and even our own emotions. They give us a glimpse into worlds we may never have known otherwise and shed light on important issues that demand our attention. And when it comes to documenting the fascinating world of gophers, there are some truly incredible films out there. From heartwarming tales of these furry creatures to eye-opening insights into their lives, here are the 10 best documentaries about gophers that will capture your heart and mind.


1. Gopher Documentary AEPS 327

This documentary explores the history and evolution of the lovable rodent known as the gopher. From its humble beginnings in the plains of North America to its widespread presence on golf courses, gardens, and even underground tunnels, this creature has captured the hearts of many. Through stunning visuals and expert interviews with wildlife experts and enthusiasts, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of these furry creatures and their impact on the environment.


2. R Dawg Films presents Gopher Documentary AEPS 327

Gophers may seem like simple creatures, but they are actually quite complex and have a significant role in ecosystems. The first documentary on our list, “Gopher Life,” explores the various species of gophers and their unique characteristics. From pocket gophers to ground squirrels, this film showcases the diversity and adaptability of these little rodents. Next up, “Gopher Tales” delves into the social behavior of gophers.


3. Gopher Tortoise of Florida

The state of Florida is home to a vast array of unique and fascinating creatures. One such creature that has captured the interest of many is the Gopher Tortoise. This slow-moving reptile, also known as the gopherus polyphemus, has been deemed an important species in Florida due to its vital role in maintaining the ecosystem. The Gopher Tortoise is a land-dwelling tortoise that can grow up to 14 inches in length and can live for over 60 years.


4. Learning about Gopher Tortoises

Gopher tortoises are fascinating creatures that have intrigued people for centuries. They are a species of land-dwelling reptiles found in the southeastern United States and parts of Mexico. These gentle giants can grow up to 15 inches in length and weigh over 20 pounds, making them one of the largest tortoise species in North America. Unfortunately, gopher tortoises are considered a threatened species due to habitat loss and other human activities.


5. All About Gopher Tortoises in Florida

The gopher tortoise is a medium-sized land-dwelling reptile that can be found throughout the southeastern United States, with the majority of its population residing in Florida. It gets its name from its ability to dig extensive burrows in the ground, which it uses as shelter and protection from predators. The gopher tortoise has a distinctive appearance with its high-domed shell, stumpy legs, and strong front claws.


6. Is Everything That You Read About Gopher Tortoises True

Gopher tortoises are one of the most fascinating creatures on earth, with a history that dates back millions of years. These gentle reptiles have been the subject of many documentaries, each one attempting to capture their unique lifestyle and behavior. But how much do we really know about these elusive animals? Is everything that we read and watch about them true? As with any animal, there are some common misconceptions surrounding gopher tortoises.


7. The Only Non-Human Mammal that Farms

The world is full of fascinating creatures, each with their own unique behaviors and abilities. But there is one creature that stands out among the rest – the gopher. These small, furry mammals may seem unassuming at first glance, but they possess a remarkable talent that sets them apart from all other non-human mammals – farming.


8. Watch a Gopher dig tunnels in the “Gopher Farm”. Live Trapping Gophers – Mousetrap Monday

Gophers, those elusive and hard-working little creatures, have long fascinated humans with their intricate tunnel systems and industrious lifestyles. And what better way to learn more about these fascinating rodents than by watching a documentary? Here are some of the best documentaries about gophers that will take you deep underground into their world.


9. Gopher Digging a Hole

Gophers are fascinating creatures that have captured the imagination of humans for centuries. These furry, burrowing animals are known for their unique digging abilities and have been the subject of many documentaries throughout the years.


10. Ranger Nick: Importance of Gophers to Georgia’s Ecosystem

Georgia’s ecosystem is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, but there’s one species in particular that often goes unnoticed – the gopher. These burrowing rodents play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of nature, and Ranger Nick is here to shed light on their importance in this captivating documentary.

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