The 5 Best Documentaries About George Washington Carver

Nov 29, 2023 | Best Of, History

Forget the legends. Forget the tall tales of an American folk hero. To get to the heart of George Washington Carver, you’ll find far more truth in his story by exploring the documentaries that have been made about him. From award-winning films to lesser-known gems, these are some of the best documentaries about this extraordinary individual and why they’ll leave you feeling more inspired than ever. Through these films, we gain insight into the life of an innovator whose inventions and discoveries have shaped America and the world in profound ways.


1. George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Life

George Washington Carver: A Life Unlike Any Other. The life of George Washington Carver was as unique and extraordinary as the inventions he created from peanuts, sweet potatoes, and other natural materials. Born into slavery in Missouri in 1864, Carver became one of America’s most celebrated inventors—a man whose innovations revolutionized agriculture throughout the South.


2. George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Way

George Washington Carver: A Journey of Uncommon BrillianceHe was an innovator and a true inspiration, George Washington Carver. His ingenuity was legendary among the peanut farmers of 19th Century America, and his work with crop rotation revolutionised agriculture for generations to come. But what made him unique? What made him stand out as one of America’s great minds.


3. George Washington Carver documentary

George Washington Carver was a revolutionary scientist and inventor. His inventions revolutionized the agricultural industry, with products such as peanut butter, soy milk, and adhesives that changed the world we live in. But did you know his legacy is even greater than these inventions? George Washington Carver can be credited with saving countless lives through his groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.


4. George Washington Carver: His Life and His Work

George Washington Carver was a man of many talents and accomplishments — from botanist and inventor to educator, humanitarian, and more. He was born in 1864 to slave parents in Missouri, but his family freed him when he was very young. After a brief period of formal education, Carver began his career as an agricultural scientist at Tuskegee Institute.

5. KGCS Newsmakers George Washington Carver

The legendary George Washington Carver was a scientist, inventor, and educator ahead of his time. He fought for social justice and equality in the face of adversity – paving the way for generations of African Americans to follow in his footsteps. KGCS Newsmakers takes a look back at Carver’s life and work with an exploration into the legacy he left behind. From his theories.



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