The 9 Best Documentaries About DMX

Feb 16, 2024 | Best Of, Music

There is something powerful about documentaries. They can tell a story that words alone cannot, and in the case of DMX, those stories are worth telling. From his humble beginnings to his current status as one of Hip-Hop’s most influential figures, Dmx has had an incredible journey that many have never heard of. Luckily, some talented filmmakers have taken it upon themselves to bring these stories of hardship, triumph and redemption to the masses in an entertaining way. Here are our top 9 picks for the best documentaries about DMX that you should definitely check out.


1.  The Legendary DMX

DMX is an iconic rapper and entertainer who left his mark on the hip-hop genre. His life story is one of tragedy, resilience, and triumph – all of which are explored in several excellent documentaries about DMX. From biographical works to retrospectives that honor the late star’s legacy, here are the best documentaries about DMX you must check out: This documentary takes viewers on a journey through DMX’s life from childhood to adulthood, exploring his musical influences and his passion for rap music. Viewers will also get an in-depth look at X’s struggles with addiction, his turbulent relationships, and his ultimate spiritual awakening. The Pickup is an intimate portrait that features interviews with DMX himself, as well as those close to him – including family members, friends, and collaborators.



This documentary film is a must-watch for any fan of DMX and hip hop in general. Directed by frequent collaborator Paul Hunter, it follows DMX and his labelmates as they tour Japan and Europe, giving viewers an insight to the success that was Ruff Ryders. The film also features interviews with DMX, Swizz Beatz, Eve, and Drag-On. This documentary is a revealing look into DMX’s creative process and personal life. Director Sacha Jenkins explores DMX’s struggles with drugs and faith, as well as his relationships with family and friends. The film features interviews with Damon Dash, Ja Rule, Swizz Beatz and many others, making it essential viewing for anybody interested in exploring the life of one of hip-hop’s biggest stars.


3. The Heartbreaking Story of DMX

Luckily, DMX used music to channel all of his negative feelings. He became one of the most successful rappers and sold millions of records around the world. Even today, DMX’s influence is still alive in many rap songs. If you want to know more about this complex artist then we suggest watching some of the best documentaries that feature DMX: The Rich Life of DMX: This documentary follows the rapper’s life from his humble beginnings up to today. It chronicles his gangsta rap career, his struggles with drug addiction, and his journey back to health. DMX: Soul of a Man: A deep dive into the mind and soul of DMX. In this documentary we get to learn more about the rapper and his childhood experiences. DMX: The Great Depression: This documentary takes a look at the changes in DMX’s life during the Great Recession. We get to hear firsthand accounts from those who knew him and see how he coped with these trying times.


4. DMX & The Ruff Ryders Reminisce On Rough Road To Success

DMX’s energy and raw emotion captivated listeners of his debut studio album It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot in 1998. His lyrics spoke of the struggles and triumphs that he faced while growing up in a broken home. He rapidly rose to success with three consecutive albums that debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, making him the first artist ever to do so. But the rapper’s life story has been unique, tumultuous and inspiring. His struggles with addiction, mental health issues, incarceration and spirituality have captivated audiences for decades. The best documentaries about DMX give viewers a glimpse into his personal life and capture his raw energy on stage. From E.X: The Life & Times of DMX to Ruff Ryders: Ryde or Die Vol. 1, these films showcase the artist’s remarkable life story and provide an insightful perspective into his career journey.


5. Rapper DMX Says Satan Approached Him 3 Times on Dr. Phil Show

Tune in to this amazing documentary series on DMX, the acclaimed hip hop artist and actor. This powerful show is about the rapper’s life and career, as well as his spiritual journey. DMX opened up to Dr. Phil about how he was approached by Satan three times when he was in a dark place, but managed to turn away each time. The artist’s faith and courage shines through in this incredible story. Get an inside look at the man behind his fame, as he talks about love, life, and redemption. Find out how DMX has managed to stay true to himself despite all of the obstacles he has faced in life. This is one documentary series you won’t want to miss! Watch and be inspired by the story of DMX. #TheDMXStory. In addition, his fans continue to be moved by the artist’s passionate performances and inspiring music videos. The documentary series will also feature exclusive interviews with DMX’s friends and family, as well as some of the biggest names in rap music.


6. DMX Interview On Dr Drew’s Life changers

From his troubled past to his wealth of knowledge, DMX has a story to tell. Not many people know this but DMx actually joined Dr Drew’s Life changers show for an exclusive interview back in 2011. In the interview, he revealed a lot about himself and how he’s managed to turn his life around. He discussed his upbringing, his struggles, his successes, and how he’s been able to stay sober for so many years. The interview is raw and honest. DMX speaks about the harsh realities of life on the streets, and how those experiences shaped him as an artist and person. It also shows that even in spite of all the hardships he faced as a young man, he was still able to take his experiences and turn them into valuable lessons. The interview is a must-watch for all DMX fans, as it offers an inside look at one of the most influential hip hop artists of all time.


7. DMX Teases New Music & Talks About His Recovery

DMX is an artist who has been through a lot. From the highs of his career to the lows of his struggles with addiction, nobody could have predicted that DMX would still be here today. But he’s back and better than ever – teasing new music and talking about his recovery in one of the best documentaries about him: DMX Teases New Music & Talks About His Recovery. This documentary follows DMX as he talks about his journey over the past few years. From his struggle with addiction, to his recovery and the road to his spiritual rebirth, this film dives deep into why and how DMX got here – and it’s inspiring! The documentary also features exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of DMX’s creative process, a look at his inner circle, and interviews with those closest to the rapper. Viewers get an up-close look into this Grammy-nominated artist’s life – in all its glory and struggles.


8. DMX On When His Love For Dogs Started & How They Influenced His Brand

DMX has been known for his wild and out-of-control behavior, but there’s one element in his life that always comes first: dogs. DMX has long been a passionate advocate for animal rights, working diligently to raise funds and spread the message of kindness and compassion towards animals. But how did this passion start? In an interview with MTV, DMX revealed that he has always had a strong connection to dogs, and that his love for them began at an early age. He recalls walking the streets of Yonkers, NY as a young boy with his beloved first dog, Chico. From there, his affinity for animals only grew and evolved into the passion it is today.


9. DMX going crazy

The late, great DMX is an icon in hip-hop, one of the most influential figures in rap music history. His influence has been celebrated and remembered by many fans and celebrities alike. With his untimely death last year, it seems fitting to take a look back at some of the greatest moments of DMX’s life with exclusive footage from POWERPLAYED.COM. This exclusive footage features the rapper in his prime, before he was sent to prison for tax fraud in 2018. The video shows DMX as a young man in New York City, rapping on street corners and performing at live concerts. He can be seen interacting with fans, talking to people on the street, and generally living life to the fullest. The footage of DMX is a testament to his humble beginnings and reminds us all why he was such an important figure in rap history. It also serves as a reminder of how we should appreciate every moment that we have, no matter what our circumstances may be.



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