The 8 Best Documentaries About Catfishing

Nov 8, 2023 | Best Of, People

Are you intrigued by the mysterious depths of catfish? Have you ever wanted to find out more about their lifestyles and habits? Then these documentaries are for you! Dive into some of the best documentaries about catfishes, and learn about their secretive lives. From freshwater habitats to strange behavior, there is much to discover in these incredible films. Get ready for a fascinating journey that will expand your understanding of these unique creatures. Read on to find out more! From small mud dwellers to giant fish lurking in the deep, catfish come in all shapes and sizes — and each species has its own secrets.


1. When Catfishing Went Too Far: The Story of Renae Marsden | Australian Crime Stories 

When Catfishing Went Too Far: Uncovering the Horrific Deceptions of Renae Marsden | An Australian Crime Story Renae Marsden, a woman from Australia, had been deceiving people for years. Her catfishing story is a harrowing tale of how far one can go when it comes to manipulating and lying to others.


2. Catfish – Documentary 2010 [FULL HD]

Are you curious about the mysterious life of catfishes? Dive into this captivating documentary, as we explore the different types of catfish around the world. From the African sharptooth to the Asian glass catfish, there is something for everyone! Follow along with us on this eye-opening journey and learn why these fish are so intriguing. Discover how they.


3. The Catfish Behind The Facebook Murders: Jenelle Potter

The internet can be a beautiful thing but it’s also a place where danger lurks. The tragic story of Jenelle Potter is just one example of what can happen when someone takes advantage of the anonymity of the internet. In 2011, Jenelle Potter used her Facebook profile to lure two people into meeting in person with malicious intent – resulting in both deaths. This documentary.


4. My Mother Sent Her Catfish 300k Plus 3 Cars – Dr.Phil Documentary

If you’ve ever watched the hit show Dr. Phil, you know that no topic is off-limits—and that includes the massive and murky world of online catfishing. In this revealing documentary, Dr. Phil follows a mother who sent her long-distance lover over 300 thousand dollars and three cars before finding out she was being scammed! Through interviews and candid home.


5. Best Of Catfish Season 8 🧐 SUPER COMPILATION | Catfish

From love scams to identity theft, Catfish has captured our hearts (and suspicions) since its debut in 2012. With each passing season, we are left in awe at how far some people will go to deceive their online lovers. Season 8 is no exception, as it brings us some of the most shocking and jaw-dropping moments yet.


7. Man Insists His Four Year Internet Relationship Isn’t A Romance Scam!

In the world of online relationships, it’s not uncommon for people to pretend to be someone they’re not. The term “catfishing” has become synonymous with creating fake profiles in order to deceive others for personal gain. But what happens when someone finds out that their online love interest is actually real?This bizarre twist is exactly what happened in one documentary titled.


8. Romance Scam Victim Meets Woman After 4 Years!

The documentary “Broken Hearts Gallery” tells the captivating story of a woman who fell victim to a romance scam. After four long years of online communication, she finally gets to meet her love interest in person, only to discover that he is not who he claimed to be.When Lisa first met David through an online dating platform, she was immediately drawn to his charming personality.


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