The 8 Best Documentaries About Carps

Oct 14, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you a car enthusiast looking for the best documentaries about cars? Look no further! We have rounded up some of the most captivating and informative documentaries that will surely excite your inner mechanic. From behind-the-scenes looks at iconic race tracks to exploring hidden nooks in barns, these documentaries will take you on a journey across time and space while providing a history lesson on some of the greatest cars and their influence. Whether you want to learn about the early days of the hot rod or discover how modern car mechanics work, these documentaries will have something for everyone. So put your feet up, pop a bag of popcorn, and prepare to be amazed by these fascinating films!


1. National Geographic Documentary – Hooked asian carp invasion – Wildlife Animal

Asian carp are quickly gaining notoriety as one of the most destructive invasive species. Native to China, these large fish have spread throughout rivers and other waterways in North America, leading to huge disruptions in habitats, ecosystems, and even commercial fishing operations. National Geographic’s documentary “Hooked: Asian Carp Invasion” explores the issue from every angle; showcasing the devastation caused by the carp, and providing an in-depth look at how people around the world are attempting to combat the problem.



2. Ice Fishing – Carp Fishing in Frozen Lake, Winter Camping with My Dog, Nature Documentary, Asmr

My dog and I ventured out onto the frozen lake in search of an adventure. We set up our tent and prepared for a night of fishing. As we trudged through the snow, I noticed the ice had become quite thin in certain spots. With great caution, I cut holes in the ice with my ax to place my fish traps. After a few moments, I heard a loud crack and Agir yipped in surprise; one of the reeds had cut his paw. Even with our mishaps, we managed to catch quite a few fish. It was an enjoyable camp full of misfortune that we will never forget.



3. The World Carp Classic 2003 Documentary

April 2003 was a memorable month for carp fishing enthusiasts around the world. The renowned World Carp Classic tournament was once again back in full swing at the majestic Lac Amance in the Foret D’Orient. Documentarian Mike Salisbury did not miss this prestigious event, and captured all of its action on film. Tim Paisley, Ian Chilcott, Dave Lane and Hans Sissingh were on hand at the tournament to put their carp fishing prowess on full display. The documentary, directed by Mike Salisbury, showcases their incredible skills in a stunningly crafted video that is sure to captivate any fan of carp fishing.



4. The World Carp Classic 2001

For those passionate about carp fishing, the World Carp Classic (WCC) held at Lac Amance in 2001 was a defining moment that marked the pinnacle of this amazing sport. This documentary follows Mike Salisbury as he takes viewers through his journey of competing and exploring one of France’s most beautiful regions. This epic tale captures the essence of carp fishing, from its highs and lows, to the sheer joy of catching a giant carp. With breathtaking footage and stunning visuals from the lakeside, this documentary is an absolute must-watch for any fan of carp fishing. Explore all that Lac Amance has to offer in this captivating and inspiring film!


5. The Largest Carp in the World | Ganges | BBC Earth

Did you know that the Ganges river in India is home to one of the largest and most fascinating species of fish – the carp? This majestic creature has captured the attention of many documentary filmmakers, resulting in some truly remarkable films about its life and habitat. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into some of the best documentaries about carp, produced by renowned organizations.


6. Carpe Diem: Is This The Answer To This Fishy Problem?

*What makes a documentary stand out? Is it the riveting storytelling, the in-depth research or the thought-provoking themes? In the case of “Carpe Diem: Is This The Answer To This Fishy Problem?”, it’s all of these and more. With stunning visuals and captivating interviews, this film dives into one of the biggest environmental problems facing.


7. Unknown Monster Carp – Full Fishing Movie

Are you tired of the same old fishing documentaries that follow the usual formula? If so, then Unknown Monster Carp is exactly what you need. This gripping film will take you on an unforgettable journey into the world of carp fishing like never before.Narrated by renowned angler John Wilson, Unknown Monster Carp documents a group.


8. Battling to eliminate carp from Australian waterways 🐟 | Meet the Ferals Ep 9

Carp, the notorious invasive species, has long been a major threat to Australia’s waterways. With their rapid reproduction and destructive feeding habits, these fish have wreaked havoc on native plants and animals, causing immeasurable damage to delicate ecosystems.To combat this problem, a team of dedicated researchers and scientists have taken up arms against the carp invasion. In “Meet.


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