The 5 Best Documentaries About Badgers

Oct 26, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you looking for documentaries that explore the fascinating world of badgers? Look no further! Here are some of the best documentaries about these beloved creatures from around the world. From BBC’s BadgerWatch to National Geographic’s WildBadger, this list offers a great variety of different ways to learn more about badgers and their habitats. Whether you’re an animal lover, a conservationist or just curious about the lives of these incredible creatures, you’re sure to love these documentaries. Get comfortable and grab your popcorn – it’s time for some badger-filled entertainment! From up close and intimate shots of these shy mammals in their natural habitats to deep dives into their complex social dynamics, there’s something here for everyone.


1. The Secret Life of Badgers

The badger is one of nature’s most mysterious creatures. It is rarely seen in the wild, yet captures the imagination like few other animals can. This documentary film follows a special family of badgers – an adult female and her two newborn cubs. As they explore their new environment and learn to survive on their own, they take us on an incredible journey of discovery. We witness their struggles, triumphs and moments of joy as they learn to trust each other and the world around them. Through this engaging story we are reminded about the wonders of life in the wild, and our place in it. Badgers will never cease to amaze us! The documentary also explores themes such as protecting our fragile ecosystems, conservation efforts, and the impact of humans on wildlife. It’s an inspiring story that will warm hearts and open minds about nature and our relationship to it. Badgers are truly something special – get ready to embark on a wild adventure with this remarkable family! This documentary is sure to delight both adults and children alike.


2. Badgers – The Documentary

Badgers are among the most remarkable creatures in nature. Through incredible strength and determination, they have managed to weather the passage of time despite great adversity. Badgers – The Documentary provides an intimate view into their lives, exploring how these remarkable animals have adapted to survive against all odds. From learning about their mating habits and family structure to understanding more about their habitats and eating habits, this documentary provides an engrossing and educational look at these fascinating creatures. Discover the secrets of the badgers’ success through stunning footage and learn more about their unique environment and challenges in surviving in the wild. Badgers – The Documentary is a must-watch for anyone who loves nature and wants to gain insight into one of its most impressive species!


3. This Is Why Honey Badgers Are Immortal

In the animal kingdom, many animals have the potential to be powerful – each with their own unique abilities. From a lion’s roar to an elephant’s immense size, strength can come in all shapes and sizes. But you don’t always expect it from some of nature’s smaller creatures. Take badgers, for example; these small yet fierce mammals are often overlooked as gentle, but they are a true force to be reckoned with. With sharp claws and sharp teeth, badgers have been known to protect their homes from larger predators. To find out more about these tenacious animals, check out some of the best documentaries about badgers!


4. Warthogs, Hippos, Badgers (Full Episode)

Explore the fierce world of badgers and their battle for survival in these harrowing documentaries. From a mother fighting to feed her young, to a hippo defending his territory with tooth and claw, see how these amazing creatures respond when pushed to their limits. Witness dramatic hunts as they search for food, daring battles between rival gangs over turf, and heart-stopping encounters between predators and prey. Go behind the scenes as we capture the extraordinary lives of badgers up close and personal. Get a glimpse into their hidden world, where every single moment is a struggle for survival. Witness their courage and strength, as they fight for each other and their families in the most extreme conditions on Earth. It’s an epic adventure like no other!


5. 30 Moments Of Honey Badgers Brutally Hunting Their Prey

Do you want to witness wildlife moments of ultimate strength, skill and ferocity? Honey badgers are infamous for their brutal hunting tactics and their ability to overcome obstacles with ease. See these captivating creatures in action as they hunt their prey in the wild. From intimate shots of the honey badger on a mission, to epic footage of them overcoming challenges with determination – get up close and personal with these intimidating animals. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a fierce animal kingdom, where honey badgers reign supreme. Witness their power firsthand, as they hunt, survive and thrive in the wild. Prepare to be captivated by the ultimate wildlife documentary about honey badgers!


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