The 9 Best Documentaries About The Apache Tribe

Oct 19, 2023 | Best Of, Culture, History

The Apache people have been an integral part of American history for centuries. Their customs, culture and way of life have helped shape the American West as we know it today. In recent years, documentaries exploring the lives of the Apaches have become increasingly popular among viewers. From stories of modern-day living to explorations into their rich heritage, these films provide fascinating insights into the Apache people. Here are some of the best documentaries about Apaches you won’t want to miss.


Geronimo, the great Apache warrior, was a symbol of hope and courage to many. His name was synonymous with strength and perseverance in the face of adversity. He had an indomitable spirit that refused to be broken despite overwhelming odds against him. He managed to outwit US forces by using clever tactics and strategizing that proved too much for his opponents. He was a creative leader and used this creativity to stay one step ahead of the game. Geronimo’s strategy and ingenuity were remarkable, as he managed to hold off US forces for years despite their superior numbers and resources.


Legend of Geronimo, leader of the Apache Resistance. For centuries, his name has been a symbol of strength and courage to all Native Americans. The story begins when he was born into an Apache Indian tribe in 1829. Even from a young age, Geronimo showed great leadership potential and was respected by those around him for his cunning intellect and bravery in battle. His tribesmen saw Geronimo as their only hope for survival against oppression from the Mexican and American governments. He led a resistance movement that would become known as “The Apache Resistance.” With his strong determination and unyielding spirit, he united many of the separate tribes into one powerful force.


The American continents are home to a rich and diverse indigenous population, who have been living in the area for centuries. Just as each of these incredible Native American cultures has its own unique identity, so does its language. Apache, Sioux, Navajo, Comanche and Iroquois are just some of the powerful native tongues that can be heard echoing through this land. These ancient languages are full of passion and creativity, and all have their own distinct stories and histories to tell. Whether it be the Apache dreaming of a distant canyon or the Sioux chanting in a forest clearing, these languages embody the spirit of North America’s native peoples and encapsulate their unique way of life. For those looking to explore the beauty and power that is offered by these great Native American nations, learning any of these native languages will open up a portal to their fascinating culture and heritage.


Escapees and outlaws, Massai and the Apache Kid were at the center of a thrilling saga that rocked Arizona Territory in the late 19th century. After years of struggling to survive on a U.S.-mandated reservation, they made their daring escape and took to the hills as two of America’s most notorious outlaws. Chased by hundreds of soldiers and native vigilantes, their adventures took them deep into the deserts and rugged mountains of Arizona. This is a story of courage, cunning, and daring—a tale that has remained an enduring part of Apache culture for generations. With insight from historians, re-enactors, and descendants of both men, this documentary will explore the remarkable exploits of these two legendary figures. It’s an incredible story of survival and rebellion, one that continues to spark the imaginations of people around the world.


Geronimo was a prominent Apache leader who became renowned for his skill in combat and strategy. He is best remembered for leading resistance against the U.S. government, refusing to be pushed off of his ancestral homeland in Arizona. Despite insurmountable odds, he remained fearless and resilient in the face of adversity. Geronimo’s strength and courage served as an inspiration to many of his fellow Apache warriors, who saw him as a symbol of their struggle for freedom and justice. He was also respected by other Native American tribes, who considered him to be a courageous leader in the fight against U.S. imperialism. Even today, Geronimo is celebrated as a symbol of the Native American spirit of resilience and bravery.


Eagerly searching for the thrill of the hunt, I followed a group of Apache natives deep into the arid desert lands. The small group, led by an elder man with a gray beard, was on a mission to find an ancient relic. It was rumored that it carried great power and knowledge that could be used to bring peace between warring nations. The sun had already set, leaving a blanket of stars and streaks of golden light in the horizon. Every step brought us closer to our goal, each move calculated for maximum efficiency. My heart raced as I followed the Apache’s through narrow passages and hidden canyons. Suddenly, after what seemed like hours, we came upon our target – an ancient stone tablet tucked away in a dark crevice. The leader of the group stepped forward and carefully examined the artifact. He whispered something to himself before turning towards us. In a booming voice, he declared that we had found what we were looking for – an ancient relic from bygone eras.


You can almost feel the presence of the Apache Tribe encircling you in the dead of night. The howling and screaming send a chill down your spine as you struggle to make out where they’ve come from. You know all too well of the tales about their weightless, impossible horsemanship and fear being captured by them. With nowhere to run, it feels like you can do nothing but wait for what fate has in store. The horror stories of the Native American Indians seems too real, as you fear being adopted by the tribe or even worse – skinned and burnt alive. As these possibilities run through your mind, you begin to learn more about their culture and history. The Apache tribe was known for being fierce warriors, but also for their craftsmanship and skills.


In the bustling city of Paris in 1900, a unique collection of characters inhabited the streets. From honest workers to dangerous criminals, these individuals had been dubbed ‘The Apaches’ by the local newspapers. One story which inspired Jacques Becker’s 1952 film was that of Amélie Élie – aka Golden Helmet – a prostitute with beautiful blond locks who caused a great deal of bloodshed between two men. He gave the characteristics of Simone Signoret to the Apache Golden Helmet in his movie, and this legendary tale now lives on through cinema. The Apaches were an interesting set of characters whose stories deserve to be remembered. We can only hope that one day we can all look back upon their story with admiration. After all, bravery is not something to be taken for granted.


Cochise (Cheis, A-da-tli-chi, or Apache K’uu-ch’ish “oak”) was a leader of his people and an indomitable force when it came to standing up for what he believed in. He wasn’t exactly tall but he was strong – built like an oak tree with muscular features and long black hair that was worn in the traditional Apache style. His name Cheis meant “having the strength of iron wood.” He led a Chihuicahui local group of the Chokonen and was their Chief, or Nantan, leading an uprising against the U.S government that began in 1861 and lasted until a peace treaty was made 11 years later. One of the most noted Apache warriors, Cochise was alongside Geronimo and Mangas Coloradas in fighting against European American intrusions during the 19th century. He was said to be a man of courage and strength who never backed down from what he believed in, his legacy living on today as one of the most famous indigenous leaders in history – evidenced by the fact that Cochise County, Arizona is named after him. Cochise was also an inspiring example of how we can all be warriors, standing up for what we believe in and fighting for a more just and equitable world. He will always be remembered as someone who never gave up until he achieved peace and justice for his people.



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