The 10 Best Documentaries About Anne Frank

Oct 23, 2023 | Best Of, Crime, Disaster, History

If you’re looking for an engaging, informative way to learn more about Anne Frank and her story, then documentary films are a great option. Documentaries offer an in-depth look into the life of this incredible woman and provide viewers with insights that only these types of films can give. From Academy Award-winning historical accounts to accessible documentaries intended for a more casual audience, there are many documentaries about Anne Frank that provide an unprecedented look into her life and the choices she made. Whether you’re a student looking for educational material or just someone wanting to learn more about one of the most famous figures of World War II, these are some of the best documentaries about Anne Frank that everyone should watch.


1. The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank and her family were among the many who had to flee their homes due to the rise of Nazi power in 1933. Eva Schloss, a fellow displaced Jewish family, remembers being uprooted from Austria at the same time and settling in Amsterdam that year as well. remarkably enough, they ended up being neighbors with Anne’s family in the same residential square. The two girls, though from different circles, formed a strong bond through their shared experience of displacement and persecution. This powerful story has been featured in many documentaries that seek to bring awareness to the struggles faced during this time period and honor the resilience of Anne Frank’s memory.


2. Remembering Anne Frank (1998) – Full Documentary – English

Through her eyes, Miep Gies recounts how she desperately attempted to protect Anne Frank and her family during the Nazi occupation. With historical footage and original locations, viewers experience the tragic story of a young girl whose life was taken too soon. Despite Miep’s attempts to keep them hidden, Anne and her family were caught by the Nazis and taken away. In the wake of this tragedy, Miep managed to salvage Anne’s diary, which eventually became world-famous. This documentary is an important reminder of the power of courage and resilience in the face of hatred and persecution. It serves as a permanent tribute to Anne Frank’s legacy and an eternal reminder that each one of us has something valuable to give.


3. Anne Frank (The Whole Story)

Anne Frank, a German-Jewish teen, experienced one of the darkest periods in human history when she and her family were forced into hiding during the Holocaust. They found refuge in an attic of an Amsterdam office building, where they remained hidden for two years until their capture by Nazi troops. The story of Anne Frank has been documented in numerous movies and documentaries that provide insights into her life and the world she lived in during this difficult time. These documentaries offer an understanding of her experiences, as well as a glimpse into the lives of those who were affected by the Holocaust. From gripping interviews with survivors to poignant archival footage, these are some of the best documentaries about Anne Frank and her story.


4. Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family?

Discover the never-before-told secrets of one of humanity’s darkest times in this gripping investigation. Follow a retired FBI special agent and his team of investigative journalists as they attempt to solve the mysterious cold case surrounding Anne Frank, one of the world’s most famous victims of the Holocaust. Travel back in time to uncover hidden clues and unearth compelling evidence that may finally unlock the secrets of her mysterious fate. This compelling documentary series will take you on a journey into one of history’s darkest moments and uncovering Anne Frank’s untold story.


5. Anne Frank – Lembrada – Legendado

Relembre Anne Frank. Este Documentário de 1995 nos revela a história antes, durante e após os campos de concentração Nazistas, expondo os sentimentos dessa jovem através de seus próprios escritos em seu diário e entrevistas com pessoas que a conheciam. Esta obra de arte conta toda a tragetória de Anne Frank, desde o início até o infeliz fim desta histórica personagem. Recomendado para aqueles que querem aprender mais sobre os horrores e tragédia da Segunda Guerra Mundial, este documentário levará os espectadores a uma jornada para o passado. Uma obrigatória experiência que qualquer um deveria viver!


6. Anne Frank’s Father: His Life and Her Legacy

Otto Frank was a man who had gone through the unimaginable. Despite his tragic past, he chose to focus on world peace after learning his daughter’s wish of having her voice heard and making sure the Holocaust would never be forgotten. To honour Anne’s memory, Otto dedicated his life in spreading her message of equal rights and respecting human dignity around the globe. He strived to encourage the younger generations to uphold these values and open up a world of understanding. His tireless efforts in educating people about Anne Frank’s story will never be forgotten, just as her legacy remains strong even today.

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7. Anne Frank – Parallel Stories (2019) – Full Documentary – English

This inspiring documentary tells the story of Anne Frank and five Holocaust survivors through Oscar-winner Helen Mirren’s poignant lens. Social and cultural events that occurred during this time period are also explored, creating a deeply moving narrative about resilience in the face of adversity. Through expert interviews and archival footage, viewers gain insight into how each survivor navigated the horrors of the Holocaust and how Anne Frank’s words remain relevant today. This film is a must-watch for anyone interested in understanding the power of human spirit, courage, and perseverance. A powerful reminder of what can be done when faced with unimaginable adversity.


8. THE SHORT LIFE OF ANNE FRANK Discovery History Biography War

Documentaries can reveal hidden truths that fiction cannot. They seek to expose and inform audiences on the reality behind a story, person, or organization. Here on The Documentary Foundation, we pride ourselves in providing viewers with documentaries that are impartial and honest. Nothing is left out – giving viewers an accurate look at the subject matter at hand. The documentaries provided here are of the highest quality, making sure that the stories told are as true as possible. At TDF we strive to make sure our viewers get nothing but facts and accurate information instead of biased opinions or fabrications. This way everyone can form their own conclusion on topics at hand.


9. What Was It Like For Anne Frank In Hiding

This powerful documentary dives into the life of Anne Frank, told through the eyes of her step-sister Eva Schloss. In it, Eva recounts her memories and experiences with Anne as well as their family’s incredible story of survival. Otto Frank, Anne’s father and the sole survivor of the family, is also featured in this captivating film which shows the courage and resilience of those affected by one of history’s darkest moments. With moving interviews, never-before-seen photographs, and an insightful perspective on a key figure in World War II, this documentary brings Anne Frank to life and shows her legacy still lives on today.


10. ANNE FRANK’S DIARY – Animated feature film [English]

I was quite skeptical if an animated film could do justice to the poignant story of Anne Frank. But I must say that after watching it, I was stunned at how well this film captured the life and struggles of its protagonist in such a threatening period. It’s remarkable how the filmmakers managed to capture both the hardships as well as joys of growing up – bringing home the point that it was, after all, a life. More than anything else, this film offers an opportunity to show the younger generations the dangers of prejudice and hatred.

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