The 6 Best Documentaries About The Afghanistan War

Oct 20, 2023 | Best Of, Military/War

The war in Afghanistan has been documented for decades, and many of those documentaries are still available today. But which ones are the best? For avid film buffs who want to explore this critical moment in history firsthand, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most acclaimed documentaries that cover every aspect of the conflict—from its origins to its aftermath. From harrowing frontline accounts to illuminating interviews with Afghans, these are the best Afghanistan War documentaries that deserve your attention. So sit back and get ready for an in-depth journey into one of the most complex armed conflicts of our time.


1. The Day The West Invaded Afghanistan – Afghanistan War – Military Documentary Channel

The War in Afghanistan (2015– present) is a period of conflict that has shaped modern history. It began after the September 11 attacks that shook America and the world, prompting the U.S.-led coalition military’s mission to deny al-Qaeda a basis of operations to use against its adversaries in the region. The actions taken by NATO following these events led to a deployment of forces throughout Afghanistan that aimed to remove the Taliban from power. After years of combat operations, NATO officially ended its involvement in December 2014 with a ceremony held in Kabul, and transitioned all security responsibilities to the Afghan government. For those curious about this period, there are several documentaries available which provide insight into the conflict and its many facets.


2. Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan War

The war in Afghanistan has lasted for decades, with many of its battles stretching far back into the annals of history. U.S forces initially entered Afghanistan in 2001 under the banner of “Operation Infinite Justice” as part of a broader effort to defeat terrorism and stabilize the region. However, due to religious implications attached to such language, it was eventually changed to the term “Operation Enduring Freedom.” In the intervening years, much of the fighting has been documented through a variety of media outlets in both written and filmed form. Here are some of the best documentaries about Afghanistan war.


3. Afghanistan War Documentary ✪ Best Documentary 2017

Documentaries can be a powerful tool, providing us with an insight into the real and raw truth of any particular topic. The combination of factual accuracy and creative expression enables us to gain an understanding that is not achievable through fiction alone. In this list of documentaries about Afghanistan War, we are presented with stories from both sides that are unbiased and free from prejudice. Investigate the events and people that have shaped the course of this war, to gain a better understanding of why it continues today. With its unique ability to connect us with our shared human experience, we are provided with an opportunity to comprehend the past and present in order to ensure a brighter future. This collection of documentaries contains narratives from various perspectives, ensuring that no opinion or perspective is left out. With a combination of intense research and artistic expression, these films offer an in-depth look into the causes and effects of this ongoing conflict.


4. Afghanistan War Documentary The Horse Soldiers

The Horse Soldiers is a revelatory documentary that takes us to the heart of the Afghanistan War. Featuring stunning, never-before-seen footage of combat, award-winning filmmaker Paul Yule brings us on an incredible journey that delves into an extraordinary ten days involving the US Armed Forces, CIA, British SAS, Taliban and al Qaeda during November 2001. He also looks at the role of the Northern Alliance warlords, Red Cross and western media during this tumultuous period. Through interviews with those who were there and a deep dive into archival material, Yule offers a unique window into this turbulent time in history.



AFGHANISTAN… A country plagued with sorrow and destruction, it is a place that has suffered the greatest of losses. The Soviet–Afghanistan War (1979–1989) was a devastating conflict between insurgent groups such as the Mujahideen and Maoist groups who fought against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA) and the powerful Soviet Army. This war lasted nine years and its effects are still felt today in the Afghan countryside. The Mujahideen was backed primarily by countries including the United States, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, and the United Kingdom – turning this conflict into a Cold War proxy war.

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For all those looking to learn more about the Afghanistan War, some of the best documentaries are available for viewing. These films not only show us a glimpse into what life was like during the war, but also provide an insight into how it has shaped modern day Afghanistan. From interviews with combatants and civilians on both sides, to narratives from people who lived through or experienced the war, these documentaries will give you a comprehensive understanding of this complex conflict. From award-winning films like The Plant: A Afghanistan Story and We Came Home to groundbreaking documentaries such as Taxi to Kandahar, these thought-provoking works will provide an in-depth look into one of the longest conflicts in modern times.


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