The Best 8 Documentaries About Alpacas

Oct 21, 2023 | Animals, Best Of

Are you looking for a fun and informative exploration into the world of alpacas? Then look no further than these documentaries. From in-depth looks at their care and maintenance to stories from those who raise them, these films provide a unique window into the life of some of the most beloved animals on Earth. From heartwarming tales of friendship between humans and alpacas to stories of survival against the odds, these are some of the best documentaries about alpacas that you won’t want to miss. Discover why these creatures have been so beloved for centuries and how they continue to captivate us with their striking beauty. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey as you explore some of the most remarkable and inspiring tales about alpacas!


1. Alpaca Farm – by Curiosity Quest

On this episode of Curiosity Quest, Joel Greene takes viewers on a journey to discover the world of Alpacas. From their furry coats to their curious behavior, we explore all the ways that make Alpacas unique and special. While visiting an Alpaca farm in Indiana, we learn about the various ways that Alpaca’s wool can be used for items such as clothing, blankets, and more. Plus, we get an inside look into the loving care that Alpacas receive from their owners. Join us on this unique exploration of Alpaca’s and all the wonderful things they have to offer!


2. Llama Alpaca Of South America 4K

Llamas and Alpacas are two species of camelid which inhabit the South American continent. Both animals have been domesticated for centuries and provide humans with a diverse range of uses. Llamas were traditionally used by the Incan peoples for transport, while alpaca wool is renowned for its durability and warmth. Today many people around the world are becoming increasingly interested in learning more about alpacas and llamas. Documentaries which explore these animals’ fascinating lives can offer insight into their behavior, history, and cultural importance.


3. Cute & curious little fur friends – Concerns over an alpaca foal

Explore the amazing world of alpacas and discover their unique personalities. Delve into their lives as we observe the endless possibilities they have to offer, from their adorable babies to their kind and gentle behaviour. We will uncover the secrets of these majestic creatures, from the way they connect with humans to how they communicate, learn, and thrive in different environments.Along the way, we’ll take a look at their fascinating natural habitat and how it shapes their behaviour.


4. Raw Alpaca Kidney!! Peru’s Extreme Mountain Food!!

ALPACA ON THE PATHS OF MANCO CAPAC: Discover the story of Alpacas and the Inca Empire! Follow in the footsteps of Manco Capac, the first ruler of the Inca Empire. See how alpacas have been part of Peruvian culture since ancient times. Learn about their unique abilities to survive in harsh conditions. Witness the amazing colors of their wool and its importance to traditional crafts. Discover the fascinating history of Alpaca domestication and the impact it has had on the region. Join us as we explore these magnificent animals, their culture, and their unique contributions to Peru!


5. Processing Our Sheep & Alpaca Wool into Yarn

We hope you enjoy our journey of alpaca wool processing! Our process is one that has been honed and perfected over several years, with the help of our amazing partners. Together we’ve crafted a unique way to turn raw materials into luxurious fabrics. If you’re wondering what it takes to produce these beautiful items, then take a look at some of the documentaries we’ve produced. They show our process from start to finish, giving you a unique insight into what goes into making our products. And if you have any questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to ask! We’re always here to help.


6. Commercial Alpaca Shearing

Heiniger Switzerland presents this educational documentary on the art of alpaca shearing. In order to keep both the animal and handler safe during the process, it is critical that one is well-versed in the methods of shearing. This movie provides viewers with key information and skills necessary to safely perform alpaca shearing. It covers topics such as handling the animal, proper blade care and sharpening techniques. Undergoing alpaca shearing should only be attempted after receiving appropriate supervision and guidance.


7.  Bringing the Zoo to You: Llamas and Alpacas

It’s a wild and woolly world out there – and the best way to learn about it is through documentaries! Today, we’ll be exploring three of our favorite alpaca-themed films: Cinnamon, Lucy, and Osman. From braving the elements in rural Peru to galloping around a city park in England, these furry friends will take us on an adventure full of furry fun and learning. So get ready to kick off your shoes, grab some popcorn, and settle in for a night of documentary-watching! From the thrills of rural life to comedic hijinks in the English suburbs, you’re sure to find something new to learn from these lovable creatures. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! #BringingtheZootoYou #AlpacaDocumentaries #LearnfromAnimals.


8. An Alpaca Packed Episode at Illusion Ranch Alpacas!

Tess the Agriculturalist is back for a new adventure, this time featuring one of her favorite animals – alpacas. Join us in Boyertown, PA at Illusion Ranch Alpacas to learn all about these furry and friendly creatures! From their daily routines to their fun-loving personalities, explore the life of an alpaca from the experts themselves. Get ready to be amazed by these gentle animals and see why they are beloved by so many around the world. Come along for the ride with Tess as she discovers what makes alpacas such amazing companions!


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