The 9 Best Documentaries About Woodstock

Jul 14, 2023 | Best Of, History, Music

It’s been 50 years since the iconic Woodstock music festival rocked upstate New York, and these nine documentaries capture the celebration of peace, love and music in all its glory. From re-enactments to archival footage, these gripping films tell stories that span a generation and will have you wanting more. In this article, explore why each documentary is so worth watching and why Woodstock will live on forever in our hearts. Get ready to take a journey back in time, as these films will transport you right into the heart of this extraordinary event. So grab your popcorn and settle in for an unforgettable trip through the past. Let’s dive into the nine best documentaries about Woodstock!


1. Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything

Woodstock is an iconic event that changed everything. It started as a music festival but soon became so much more than just music; it was about ideals and messages too. Now, 50 years later, its impact still resonates in the world today. This documentary takes you back to 1969, when three days of peace and love created something special that will never be forgotten. Watch this video to learn how Woodstock shaped our modern-day culture!


2. Woodstock ’99 – Peace, Love and Rage

Woodstock ’99 was meant to echo the counterculture idealism of the 1969 original, but it quickly devolved into chaos. Over three days and nights of nonstop performances and mosh pits, riots, looting and sexual assaults occurred. This documentary serves as a reminder that peace, love and rage can exist in tandem at Woodstock; highlighting both beauty and destruction from this iconic event.


3. Woodstock: 3 Days That Changed Everything

Woodstock was an iconic event that changed everything! This documentary takes a look at the amazing mix of music, culture and idealism that made it so special. It finds big surprises in the story that shed incredible new light on this momentous occasion. Discover how Woodstock gave youth a voice, altered the music industry and energized activists – even 50 years later! Dive deep into the 3 days that changed everything with this unique film.


4. The Untold Story of Woodstock 99

Woodstock ’99 was one of the most iconic festivals in music history. But what happened that fateful summer? In this video, we explore the legacy of Woodstock ‘99 and all the events that occurred at the festival. We’ll look at how a dangerous mix of elements led to its infamous conclusion – from overcrowding and heat exhaustion to violence and destruction. Did you or anyone you know attend Woodstock ’99? Join us on our journey as we uncover The Untold Story of Woodstock 99!


5. Michael Lang: The Bizarre Story Behind Woodstock Music Festival

The Woodstock Music Festival was a true cultural phenomenon. It gave youth a voice, changed the music business and energized activists for decades to come. Now, follow the inside story of this iconic event with Michael Lang: The Bizarre Story Behind Woodstock Music Festival! Get an in-depth look at how it all began and why its legacy continues to be so strong even half a century later. Learn about the mix of music, culture and idealism that made Woodstock such an important moment in history – 3 Days That Changed Everything!


6. Explaining the Chaos of Woodstock 99

Woodstock 99 was an event that left many people scratching their heads. From the 3 days of peace and music, to the chaos and destruction that followed, this festival is one for the history books. In this documentary I explore why Woodstock 99 ended in a riot and provide insight into how poorly managed and expensive it was. Get ready to dive deep into what happened at Woodstock 99!


7. Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 – The Perfect Storm

Relive the chaos of Woodstock ’99 with Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99 – The Perfect Storm, a Netflix docuseries premiering on August 3rd. With rare insider footage and interviews from performers, staff and attendees, this documentary takes you behind the scenes to explore the egos, greed and music that fueled three days of utter anarchy. Acclaimed filmmakers Jamie Crawford, Cassie Thornton and Tim Wardle discuss why they thought it was important to tell this story about 1990s nostalgia gone wrong in their new documentary. Don’t miss your chance to experience one of the most infamous rock festivals in history!


8. MTV Best of Woodstock ’94

Relive the magic of Woodstock ’94 and experience one of the biggest music festivals in history! This documentary captures all the highlights from MTV’s Best of Woodstock ’94, with performances from some of the most iconic bands and artists. From Salt N Pepa to Nine Inch Nails, you won’t want to miss this special look back at an unforgettable event!


9. Recapping the Chaos of Woodstock ’99

Relive the chaos of Woodstock ’99 with Chief & Dante in this free swim! We’ll go through HBO’s documentary about the historic event, discussing crowd savagery, the acts we’d want to see most, and more. Plus, discover how it compares to today’s Lollapalooza festivals. Join us for a journey back in time as we take on this amazing concert experience!



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