The 9 Best Documentaries About Water

Oct 13, 2023 | Best Of, Environmental, Nature

Water is a vital resource and essential for life on Earth. Documentaries about water show us the importance of this resource and how it can impact our lives in unexpected ways. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the best documentaries about water to help you better understand why it’s so important and what can be done to protect it. From breathtaking visuals and captivating tales to thought-provoking insights, these films will show you the power of water in all its forms. Whether you choose to watch them with friends or family, each of these documentaries is sure to leave a lasting impression. So grab your popcorn and dive right into some of the best documentaries about water!


1. Unique Earth: The Essence of Water | Full Documentary

The power of water is undeniable. It shapes the world around us from its solid form, like glaciers and icebergs, to its liquid and gaseous states. Its ability to exist in these three phases makes it one of the most interesting molecules in existence. From cooling down scorching deserts with rain, to carving landscapes with rivers running through them, water is an incredible force of nature. It is something that affects and sustains all life on this planet, making it a vital part of our existence.The documentary “Unique Earth: The Essence of Water” dives deep into the science behind water and its importance to us as a species.

2. The Murderer Who Used Water To Hide His Trace (Crime Investigation Documentary)

In this crime investigation documentary, investigators take on the challenge of uncovering a mysterious murderer’s tracks. After finding the body of a young girl in a stream, they must delve deep into their investigation to unearth how the killer used water cleverly to hide his trace. As the evidence slowly comes together, will they finally be able to end this case? Watch the documentary to find out how this grisly story ends. This gripping and thought-provoking documentary not only highlights the power of water in trace concealing, but also shows us just what detectives are willing to do to achieve justice for victims of crime.


3. Water shortage in Germany – New ideas for long-term security

Germany is being affected by the world’s changing climate. With droughts and heat waves stretching further, water shortages are becoming more and more common. People across the country, from cities to rural areas, are looking for ways to ensure long-term security of their water supply. New technologies and methods have been implemented in order to cope with this growing problem. From using resources more efficiently to collecting and storing rainwater, many are seeking out the best solutions for their water needs in Germany.


4. Living Without Water: Life on the Drought-Stricken Land

The crisis of water shortage is a global issue, and it’s especially acute in Peru. The documentary Living Without Water: Life on the Drought-Stricken Land looks at what life is like for the 1.5 million people who are living without adequate running water in Lima, the sprawling capital city. Not only do they have to pay an exorbitant amount of their salary for a single day’s worth of water, but it also affects people in rural areas, where communities are displaced and agricultural livelihoods are threatened.


5. Anthropocene – The Rise of Humans: The Importance of Water | Science Documentary

The earth is a unique planet in the universe for many reasons, but one of its unique features is the abundance of water found here. All lifeforms require water to survive, and humankind has utilised it for countless generations. Yet we have also contaminated it on both an individual and global scale, causing drastic changes to landscapes all around us. The ability of water to transform from liquid to gas or solid is a fundamental part of the water cycle, allowing for fresh water to be available all year round. Unfortunately human activity has also caused acid rain in some areas due to increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, harming both plants and sea life.


6. Documentary about water supply from springs and installation of pipes for water transfer by husband

Come along as we explore the incredible world of water supply. Our journey begins with a nomadic family, their swift and nimble horses, and their strength to survive on the rugged terrain of their home. We will trace their footsteps, discovering hidden springs and watching in awe as the husband works tirelessly to install complex pipe systems for water transfer. The story tells of a family that has learned to survive through resourcefulness and determination. We will witness their ingenuity as they search for water sources, find ingenious ways to transfer it, and even store it with minimal infrastructure or tools.


7. Our drinking water – Is the world drying up

As temperatures rise and natural water reservoirs dry up, it is becoming increasingly clear that Earth’s precious supply of drinking water is under threat. Only 0.3% of the world’s total water supply is suitable for human consumption, making this vital resource even more important. With climate change impacting our planet’s ability to support life, the need to protect and cherish our rivers, lakes, and oceans has never been greater. Our water sources are dwindling, and we must act fast to save them or face the consequences. By investing in clean energy solutions and embracing sustainable practices, we can ensure that future generations have access to safe drinking water for many years to come.


8. What happens when our water dries up

As the world changes due to climate change, humans are competing with nature for a limited resource – water. Drought is becoming more frequent and temperatures are rising, leading to more extreme weather events. But what does this mean for our planet’s biodiversity? Will species be able to adapt to their environment without access to adequate hydration? Will some species be pushed out of their habitat entirely in order to survive? Documentaries are essential for understanding the effects of climate change on the world’s species, and shining a light on what we can do better. Let’s explore some of the best documentaries about water and how important it is our environment:


9. A World Without Water (Global Warming Documentary)

A World Without Water dives into the reality of global water inequality. It gives an intimate view of the effects that commercialization has had on some of the most disadvantaged people in Bolivia, as well as other countries around the world. This documentary also explores how this complex issue is intertwined with deeper issues such as climate change and economic development. By speaking to activists and local authorities, it reveals how water is becoming increasingly scarce, precious and unequal. Through powerful visuals and testimonies, the film shows how people are fighting for their right to access clean drinking water, even when it seems near impossible.

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